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What Do Virtual Receptionists Do

More than merely taking messages, a virtual receptionist (or live receptionist) can also field calls and provide general assistance, such as searching for office space for rent in downtown Calgary.

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What Do Virtual Receptionists Do

With the help of a virtual receptionist service, your company may better handle customer calls and present a more polished image to the public.

Knowing how a virtual receptionist might help your company is important if you’re contemplating hiring one. Think you could benefit from a virtual receptionist? In that case, take into account the following.

What is the Role of a Virtual Receptionist?

Answering phones, taking messages, and scheduling appointments are just some tasks that a virtual receptionist may help with. A call center or other remote site is where a virtual receptionist calls home.

Rather than incur the costs and administrative responsibilities associated with hiring, training, and supervising an in-house receptionist to handle a modest or fluctuating amount of calls, small businesses can take advantage of these services instead.

How do Virtual Receptionists Work?

By contracting with a third-party virtual receptionist service, a company can handle incoming calls professionally without interrupting ongoing operations. Instead, a virtual receptionist will take care of incoming calls in a manner tailored to your company’s specific requirements.

Incoming calls will be handled automatically by the digital receptionist. You and the provider will collaborate to create a script tailored to your company’s needs.

Calls deemed crucial will be sent to you, and you will receive a prepared list of leads and messages to share with your sales staff.

A live receptionist, for instance, could be told to record a message and forward it to the appropriate persons if it is known that certain types of calls can wait for a response.

Your virtual receptionist can be programmed to transfer specific call types to you automatically. Based on the level of service you select, some virtual receptionists will even field frequent inquiries on your behalf.

The most effective virtual receptionists can adjust to your company’s specific requirements. They should be familiar enough with your company to answer calls with the expertise and professionalism that will wow your customers. They must be flexible enough to adapt their offerings to meet the evolving demands of your company.


Small businesses looking to use a virtual receptionist or answering service should also inquire about the company’s hiring practices.

Ensure that the company you are eyeing provides initial and continuous training for its staff. Inquire how they train their employees and for specific instances.

Typically, the person you are recruiting will serve as the face of the firm. They will serve as potential clients’ initial exposure to your business. If you get this right with qualified personnel, you’ll be in good shape, but if you don’t, you’ll lose clients and money.

Many businesses now use virtual receptionists for a variety of reasons. Automated menus are provided so callers can be sent to the appropriate department. In the most advanced configuration, a virtual receptionist acts as a company’s representative, fielding calls and scheduling customer appointments.

A virtual receptionist in a virtual office in Calgary can help you save money over the long run by acting as a brand ambassador and streamlining your customer service communications.