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When to Call an Emergency Plumbing Company

Emergency plumbers are the ‘first responders’ to emergencies like bursting or leaking pipes, flooding, clogged drain, etc. If water is dripping from your ceiling, or if your home is filled with water because of bursting pipes, you’ll know who to call in these situations.

Water leakage can damage your home very quickly, so it’s a good idea to contact a plumber as soon as possible. However, the problem with plumbing systems is that you can’t always see the problem.

image - When to Call an Emergency Plumbing Company
When to Call an Emergency Plumbing Company

Sometimes, you may not know when you should call a plumbing in your area until it’s too late. For example, if the pipes within the walls are weak and require replacement, you won’t know that until the accident happens.

By then, it’s already too late. It’s good to have a plumber of your speed dial, so you can make a call quickly if the need arises.

Here are some cases that require emergency plumbing services:

  1. A Frozen Pipeline

When the winter is harsh, pipes can freeze, which can lead to further issues. Temperatures below zero can freeze the water within the pipes. When the water freezes, the resulting expansion can make the pipes burst.

Moreover, frozen pipes will stop the regular flow of water into your home, making it impossible to take a shower or flush the toilet.

When you discover there’s no water flow in your house or apartment during the colder months, make sure to contact emergency plumbing services to come and take a look at what’s causing the problem.

Take care of your pipes for the upcoming winter to avoid complications like frozen pipes complications. If you’re not an experienced and licensed plumber, don’t do anything by yourself since you can cause more harm to the already damaged pipeline.

  1. An Overflowing Toilet

When your toilet got clogged, it may not be an emergency, but you need to solve the issue as soon as you can. However, if your toilet is overflowing, you need to act fast and call an emergency plumbing service.

Taking care of this situation is of the utmost importance so you’d avoid having more problems.

Remember, even simple things can cause toilets to overflow, like throwing paper towels that don’t dissolve in the water and clog the pipes. In this case, you should throw paper towels in a trash bin instead of your toilet, and don’t throw any other waste in it at all to avoid experiencing such issues.

Before the emergency plumbing service arrives, shut off the water for your toilet and inform house members not to use it until it’s fixed to avoid additional problems.

  1. Leak

Probably the most common cause of in-home flooding is a leaking or burst pipe. Bursting pipes can cause flooding, but in some cases, that won’t happen. Nevertheless, you should contact emergency plumbing services to take care of the issue before it causes more damage.

Shut off the main water valve to prevent water flow through the pipes and save your home from more water damage. Professional plumbers will locate the problematic pipes, and they’ll decide on the spot if the pipes need repair or even replacement.

Moreover, they’ll check for any additional potential problems with all other pipes within your home to avoid flooding in the future.

  1. Clogged Drain

Drains can get clogged since they’re used every day. The buildup of food scraps and grease are often the primary cause of clogged drains. Although a clogged drain is not a big problem by itself, it can lead to other serious issues, if not solved promptly.

If you notice that your drain is slowly draining the water or not draining it, it’s time to take action. Moreover, if you notice that the water is coming back from your drain, call emergency plumbing services at once because this is a potential sign of a sewer backup.

Sewer lining is not something that can be done in a few hours by one plumber. It takes 3-4 plumbing technicians, a half-day of preparation, an entire day for the installation, and then a few hours for the final inspection. Only certified and experienced plumbing technicians with the necessary special equipment should perform sewer pipe lining.

  1. Flooding

image - Flooding

If you see rushing water with or without a visible source, it’s undoubtedly a plumbing emergency. Flooding can occur for numerous reasons, but the usual ones are clogged sinks or toilets and bursting pipes.

The biggest issue you need to worry about is the water damage done to your home during the flood.

It’s essential to have a professional plumber address and solve the flooding problem right away. Any delays can lead to permanent damage to your drywalls and floors.

Professional plumbers won’t just solve the flooding issue, they’ll also make sure it doesn’t happen again by fixing the problem at its source and setting up precautionary measures.

Final Thoughts

In-house flooding will cause severe damage to your flooring, walls, and furniture. It’s a homeowner’s worst nightmare, so you should know that things like clogged or frozen pipes are not to be ignored.

Professional plumbers will help you solve any piping issues you may encounter, so make sure to find the closest and most reliable one to help you out.

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