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Why Is It Essential to Installing CCTV Camera at Your Place

Closed-Circuit Television, commonly known as CCTV is a TV system, which is primarily used for surveillance and security purposes.

What is CCTV?

The functionality of the entire system depends on cameras, which are strategically placed in areas in a building or any other public places. In a CCTV system, the footages are not publicly distributed, but they are monitored.

CCTV devices have much popularity in the security systems of almost every organization and industry. This is an assured security measure for your home too.

Why Is It Essential to Installing CCTV Camera at Your Place
Why Is It Essential to Installing CCTV Camera at Your Place

How to Install a CCTV Camera?

The effectiveness of your CCTV system relies on a strategic placement of cameras in and around the building or area to be put under surveillance. The cameras are connected to monitors in a place where you need to keep an eye on the screen for the live view.

Monitored CCTV camera installation is a must nowadays at your workplace or home, you are required to follow the below-mentioned steps.

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Make a Blueprint of Your Surveillance Requirement

Monitoring every corner of your yard is an expensive affair. So, rather than focusing on the entire building, you need to choose the areas of priority where you want to install the cameras to enable live videos. You need to prepare a draft of the prioritized areas to place your cameras.

Mostly, you may want the cameras to cover your front and back doors, large halls, kitchen, stairways, elevators, etc.

Acquire the Package That Best Suits Your Needs

After preparing the blueprint for CCTV camera installation, it is the time to buy the equipment best suited for your requirements. You can choose wired cameras if you want to cover a large area. In case of a single room or smaller space appliances, you may choose wireless cameras with wall mounting.

You need to choose between indoor and outdoor cameras. If you want to save space and energy, you may go for a motion-sensing camera that only records footage when it senses a movement.

In case, you want to stream the footage of the CCTV camera installed in your mobile phone or laptop sitting at your workplace, you will require a remote viewing camera. A basic home security package comes with 23 cameras accompanied by a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) of minimum three days of recording time.

There is monitoring valuables or young children package with indoor wireless cameras. You may opt for buying cameras individually. If you buy bundled security systems, it costs less. Whereas, buying a full surveillance set is generally cheaper.

How to Install a CCTV Camera
How to Install a CCTV Camera

Setting Up a Recording Device and Monitor

After purchasing the best-suited cameras, it is finally the moment to install the device and the monitor. But before CCTV camera installation, you must test your equipment. For the testing, you need to follow the steps:

  • Choose a high place and a broad angle for the camera
  • Mount the camera to the wall (a driller may be required)
  • Attach it to a power source
  • Attach the camera with DVR (a Bayonet Neill–Concelman or BNC may be required)
  • Link the camera with your computer
  • Attach the monitor to the Digital Video Recorder
  • Finally, troubleshoot if there is any connection issue

After successful completion of the testing process, you can finalize the CCTV camera installation.

Setting up your place and finally installing CCTV camera is not amongst the toughest jobs. Though it is recommended to hire a professional for the task, you can establish the same by yourself. You will have to prepare your home or workplace before the installation. Then, a testing is necessary before you put the system in actual use to check if there is any flaw. Alternatively, you may call home security companies who provide guaranteed service to set up a custom system.

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