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Why you Need Tree Trimming and Pruning This Summer

Do you want to prune your trees in summer, but you are uncertain about finer details? While winter is the best time to prune trees, trimming your trees in summer has many advantages.

image - Why you Need Tree Trimming and Pruning This Summer
Why you Need Tree Trimming and Pruning This Summer

Since the process alters how trees survive the winter season, you should be extra careful not to do more harm to the tree.

So, for better results, it is advisable to work with a certified arborist in the process, who, besides removing the unnecessary branches, access the tree’s wellbeing. Here are some of the reasons why tree trimming is necessary during summer.

Pruning in Summer Helps in Restoring the Shape and Structure of a Plant

Pruning during the summer is the best way to clean some of the damages from spring and winter storms, which are prevalent in Portland.

You can also use summer pruning to correct some issues, such as poor pruning and over-pruning. As a result, it restores the natural shape and, more importantly, prevents similar problems from reoccurring.

Since restorative pruning is highly technical and involves removing damaged, dead and diseased limbs you should consider hiring a professional.

Rich’s Tree Service, Inc, which offers tree trimming in Portland, only removes the necessary limbs, restoring the plant’s shape and structure.

It Encourages the Trees to Produce Quality Fruits

Tree trimming during summer is one of the best ways to help the fruit trees grow stronger and produce quality fruits in plenty.

While many factors contribute to quality fruits, pruning allows more light penetration and better air circulation. The two conditions are ideal for better yields, whether you are a commercial or small-scale fruits farmer.

However, pruning fruit trees during summer requires much attention as overdoing it may result in opposite results.

For example, removing excess tree branches means that the tree does not have enough leaves, resulting in the tree making less food through photosynthesis. If possible, consult a professional before grabbing your pruning shears.

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Pruning in Summer is Ideal in Accessing the Tree’s Vigor and Growth

One of the biggest drawbacks of pruning during winter is the endless possibilities of making mistakes such as misjudging which branch is healthy and the one that needs cutting.

Fortunately, you can avoid the mistake by pruning or hiring a professional to trim the tree during summer, as the tree is easy to assess in terms of its growth and vigor.

With the right assessment, you can remove the defective limbs and leave the healthy ones. Also, you can access the tree and identify which branches are more likely to be affected by the storm in the following fall or winter and remove them early.

Since evaluating requires a lot of knowledge and time, bring a professional on board or spend some time evaluating the ideal canopy and length of branches.

It Reduces Pests and Diseases

Pruning is the best way to control pests and diseases, regardless of the plant type and size. However, trimming the tree during summer has more advantages than waiting until winter, especially if you have never used this method to control pests and diseases.

First, selective thinning during summer increases light and air circulation, giving almost instant results, whether it is a fruit tree or not.

Second, when done in summer, you have a better chance to look at each branch before pruning as most plants have more leaves during this season.

Besides pruning in summer, allowing you to make the right decision, and removing the trees’ limbs with mites and aphids, any mistake done does not have much effect than pruning during winter.

However, if you have never trimmed a tree before, consider hiring a professional, especially if you think the tree is pest infested.

Summer Pruning Allows You to Redirect Branches and Remove Aggressive Ones

Unlike trimming in other parts of the year, pruning in the summer allows you to remove all the aggressive shoots, especially on younger trees.

It is also a perfect time to remove all the shrubs that may affect the tree growth going into winter. Unlike the other parts of the year, you also have more time to prepare your trees from storms in fall and winter.

However, you may make your trees more vulnerable to storms when done wrongly. So, spend time studying the branches or hire a professional for assistance.

To restore the plant’s shape, encourage the fruit tree to produce more, reduce pests and diseases, and evaluate its growth and vigor, it is advisable to consider trimming the tree.

Contact a certified arborist for assessment and pruning for better results and avoid harming the tree more.