Do you want to shower your loved ones with affection, care, and surprise on a special occasion? Are you thinking really hard to get the perfect gift that can bring a million-dollar smile on their face?

Worry, no more! You may already know that art is a thought, a complex consortium of emotions. But did you know how easily a serenity laden art form can uplift the vibe quotient of our homes?

Rarely one comes across oil paintings that suit the inner whirlwind of an individual. So if you find the one that perfectly blends with your loved ones’ personality then there is no better gift than that.

Therefore, we have rounded up the reasons why converting a photo into a painting is an incredible idea.

  1. The Most Perfect Gift

image - The Most Perfect Gift

Oscar Wilde had once said that “Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.”

Art is an ideal way of creating a visual celebration of colors intended to appreciate the beauty and emotional power. Therefore, it makes up for the perfect gift on any day.

You can gift your loved ones with a lifetime memory by converting a dazzling moment of their life into a professional oil painting art.

Unlike most other gifts, the marvelous oil artwork has the incomparable power to immortalize the beautiful moment that your beloved cherishes.

  1. Timeless Creation

image - Timeless Creation

Did you know that oil artworks are renowned all across the world for its durability? It indeed takes for oil pigments to dry when an artist paints using this medium which makes it easier to right the wrongs.

Similarly, once the masterpiece from the photo into painting receives the final touch it can last for quite long and generations to come can marvel at the magnificent magnum opuses decorating your abode.

  1. Get Creative for the Custom Paintings

image - Get Creative for the Custom Paintings

It is a famous saying that ‘Imagination is your only limit’ and it certainly comes true in the case of gifting an oil painting.

You do not have to go with the traditional portrait painting when you have the liberty to have one-of-a-kind work of art.

All you have to do is give clear instructions to the artist about the subjects you wish to have on the painting and others that you’d like removed from the artwork.

You can gift a funny expression of your friend on his birthday or you can have your boss’ face painted on an imposing yet confident canvas. There’s no limit to what you can create when you turn a photo into a vibrant oil painting.

  1. Pet Photo into Painting

image - Pet Photo into Painting

If the receiver of the gift is someone who is truly, madly, and deeply in love with animals, you can make their day by gifting an oil painting of an adorable animal to them.

What’s better is the fact that getting the artwork of a pet, if the receiver happens to have one.

All you have do is to get a picture that is loved the most by the receiver, place an order explaining every detail, and have patience till it gets delivered.

You’d be surprised to see how thoughtful this gift is unlike many mass-manufactured products.

That’s not all! Gifting them a painting of their pet is the perfect way to show how well you know them, their likings, and how much they mean to you.

So, you can easily get a pet portrait done, invoke the flooding emotions, and share immense happiness.

  1. Token of Your Love

image - Token of Your Love

A beautiful oil painting by a professional artist helps you to express how much you love the person. Going that extra mile to handpick the best picture adds to the emotional value of both gifts as well as art.

And every time they have a look at the magnum opus, they feel happy, lucky, and everything good as they smile.

You can be assured that the recipient is going to remember you for years to come for giving such a personalized gift as a token of your love.

  1. Encouraging Artists

image - Encouraging Artists

Yet another reason to give a gift by converting a photo into a painting is to show your support to budding as well as professional artists.

When you describe the personalized painting that you’d like to gift to someone, you are encouraging the artist to continue them for creating colorful, vibrant, and classic masterpieces to make the receiver happy.

This also conveys the message that how much you appreciate the artist’s time, effort, and skills.

In the era when paintings are no longer made by many individuals, turning the photo into painting may get the trend back. And appreciate the burning passion of the artist to express himself using the colors.

Value Worthy Gift

You may have observed that so many times the cost of the gifts is sky-high but they do not have many sentiments attached to it.

Turning photo into a painting has this personal touch to the gift that cannot be compared to any other gift. So, brace yourself to find the perfect photo to convert into a painting and make a perfect gift.