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Why You Should Reconsider Having Your Airducts Cleaned

There is numerous reputed duct cleaning company in Brampton. But before you use their services, know what the pros and cons are of getting your air ducts cleaned. People usually go for duct cleaning if one or more family members suffer from asthma or other respiratory disorders.

image - Why You Should Reconsider Having Your Airducts Cleaned
Why You Should Reconsider Having Your Airducts Cleaned

Other common reasons include suspected mold growth, to get rid of insects and rat droppings, or to simply keep the ducts free from dust that has accumulated over time.

Are all of these valid reasons to get your ducts cleaned?

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Does Duct Cleaning Solve All the Problems Mentioned Above?

Duct cleaning company in Brampton advertise their services with headlines that say, ‘it is good for your health’ or ‘you can cut down on your bills.’ However, there has been no research or statistic to support such claims.

There is no scientific proof that duct cleaning results in more fresh air or energy efficiency.

While it is true that dirt accumulates in your air ducts, most of it lies dormant without affecting the air that you breathe in. When you clean the ducts, you end up stirring the dust particles. This makes it easy for ducts to become airborne.

The process which was supposed to make the air cleaner ends up making it more harmful than it was before.

Since there is no proof that cleaner ducts will prevent health issues or make your home more energy-efficient, it is not a necessary process.

How to Keep the Ducts Clean?

So, if you stop cleaning your air ducts routinely, what else can you do to keep it them clean? The best way to keep your ducts free from dust particles is to frequently change the air filters.

This is generally done every two/three months.

When to Get Them Cleaned?

Although the process does not promise any health benefits, it needs to be done; just not as frequently as most people do. So what are the reasons to clean your ducts?

  • An infestation of rats/insects – The ducts are likely infested with rats and insects over time. To simply keep your house clean and to get rid of the pests/rat droppings you can get your ducts cleaned.
  • Overaccumulation of dust – After long periods of use, huge amounts of debris may have accumulated in the air ducts. Cleaning them is necessary to keep the system clean.
  • Visible mold growth – Again, getting rid of this is necessary for keeping the system clean.

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Points to Remember

  • If any of your family members are suffering from respiratory problems, first consult a doctor. The air ducts are most likely not a problem. So cleaning them might not really do any good.
  • You cannot get rid of mold growth just by cleaning the air ducts. Mold growth is a result of moisture in the environment. So unless you identify the sources of moisture and do something to eliminate them, you cannot get rid of the problem.

Even the best duct cleaning company in Brampton will not tell you whether you actually need their service. For them, their business is at stake. You need to make the choice according to the conditions in your home. For more info on the duct flow, check here!

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