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Winter Accessories for Your Swimming Pool

Owning a swimming pool is a blessing as well as a burden. You have to maintain the pool water throughout the year, such as chemical balancing and cleaning the pool during the summer and preparing to close the pool during the winter. Check out a few inexpensive and easy pool cover accessories that will help to protect the costly pool-equipment.


This device can be used to close pools of any type. It protects the skimmer during the winter as it absorbs ice. It prevents the skimmer from cracking if it freezes. Above ground pool needs a standard gizmo while the in ground pool requires a super gizmo.

Water tubes:

It is used to hold an in-ground pool cover. You can place several water tubes on the edge of the pool cover to keep it in a fixed position even during the wind storm. This is available in single or double tube styles. While purchasing water tubes, it is better to get a heavier gauge vinyl as they are durable and resistant to wear and tear.

Winter Accessories for Your Swimming Pool
Water tubs

Equalizer pillow:

It is an essential product for covering above ground swimming pool. It is basically a padded cushion between the water and the swimming pool covers . This cushion also protects the cover from freezing in extreme weather. Additionally, this accessory will also prevent water from accumulating on top of the cover. When equalizer pillow is kept under the cover, it keeps the cover from moving out of place. This pillow is affordable and is quite easy to install. Simply blow up the pillow with air.

Pool pillow pal:

One of the challenges of winterizing the above ground pool is to keep the equalizer pillow in correct position.The pool pillow patch is two separate patches that are attached together. Just like a pool patch, each side of the pillow pal is sticky. One side is attached to the equalizer pillow and the other to the cover itself.

Any of these pool cover accessories can be purchased from any of the local stores or even from online.

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