Although timing AC repairs right before seasonal changes are a must, there are those easy-to-miss instances when sudden malfunctions take place.

Here are 5 signs you should watch out for to know when it’s time to contact air conditioning repair services.

image - 5 Signs Your AC Needs Repair and Maintenance Today

5 Signs Your AC Needs Repair and Maintenance Today

1. Weak or Insufficient Airflow

Weak airflow, also referred to as “insufficient” airflow is a common malfunction of many air conditioners today. It’s usually caused by a number of reasons, from air vent clogging, broken motors, and the like.

You can check on this by testing the airflow levels of the AC itself. Using the remote control or the built-in buttons, raise or lower the temperature. Wait for a few minutes before switching to the next temperature level.

If you notice that there isn’t much of a difference in airflow even after going to the maximum and/minimum levels, that’s your sign right there that you need to call AC service professionals.

A tip: try asking your air conditioning repair service partner about ventilators for energy recovery. ERVs or energy-recovery ventilators are an additional feature that maintains the cooling and/or heating facility of the AC while letting fresh air in.

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2. Humidity

Cooling machines have a function of leveling degrees of moisture indoors. For this reason, high humidity outdoors should NOT translate to high humidity inside the building. Air conditioners just don’t work that way. In fact, it should automatically moderate the said humidity level as it continues to release cool air.

In the event that your machine is no longer able to regulate indoor humidity or at least bring it down to a comfortable zone, then you can inquire about a re-calibration.

In contrast, you may inquire about the installation of a dehumidifier (preferably from the same company). They’ll tell you which option is suitable for your needs, and with regards to the room size and type you want to set the device in.

3. Leaking

This is prevalent in air conditioning devices and systems. Don’t be alarmed if, after some time, you begin to see water leaking from your ac. Remember, maintenance has to be regular for air conditioning machines and failure to do this will ultimately lead to such malfunctioning.

Said water leakage is caused by how condensation is generated, as a part of the process of refrigeration and/or air cooling. Having said that, collected water should NOT spill out of the machine. These H20 trickles flow to a condensate pan and out of tubes meant for drainage.

So, it’s possible that the condensate pan or the tubes are punctured and need replacement. The moment leaking occurs, immediately call a repair company as accumulated moisture can lead to severe structural damage, as well as bacteria infestation.

4. Wair Airflow

Now, here’s something easy to spot. Upon turning your air conditioner to “cool”, it’s obvious that cool air should flow out of it. And if you still feel warm air as a result (after you increase the cooling temperature level), repairs are imperative.

It’s possible that the cause of this glitch is a faulty compressor, malfunctioning vents, etc. Whichever the case, do NOT attempt to do a DIY-fix on this (or for any of the ac issues, at that). Let the professionals handle this as cooling systems are, in truth, much more complex than they seem.