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Follow These 5 Essential Tips for Buying the Best Custom Glass Shelves for Your Needs

Picking out the best custom glass for your shelving needs can be overwhelming and a big decision. This process can also be time-consuming; so much so, you can start to feel inundated with so many options that you don’t know where to start. However, the process can be rewarding once you see the finished product.

image - What are the Benefits of Using Custom Glass
What are the Benefits of Using Custom Glass

What are the Benefits of Using Custom Glass?

Custom glass can provide variety while offering sophistication in its look and appeal. It can widen your interior design options, ones that are more modern, and cost-efficient.

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Before Choosing a Custom Glass There Are Several Things to Consider:

  • Think about the items you want to place on the shelves. Based on the items and their weight, you can better decide on the right glass for your shelving, including length and thickness.
  • You’ll also want to consider where you’ll be installing the shelves. With the location in mind, measuring for accuracy for size, dimensions and quantity is your next step.
  • Don’t miss the corners. Precision in measurement will make the process of choosing the right custom glass easier as well as the installing process.

Just a tip. Corner shelves can be customized to look amazing and can brighten up the decor of any space. They’re also perfect for making the most use out of small, intimate, and unusually shaped spaces.

For spaces with a lack of storage, installing custom shelves is a great way to create a contemporary design while adding storage for items you may not have space to accommodate.

For example, bathrooms and kitchens with limited cabinet spaces or offices with little desk space and storage. This may also be the case for homes with few windows and closet space. Adding shelves enhances interior design while creating storage for small items.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Type of Glass & Shelf Brackets

Because shelving comes in different designs, there are a number of custom glass you can choose from.

Consider the Glass Quality

image - Consider the Glass Quality

Consider the glass quality during your purchase. Choosing a glass of higher quality can be cost-effective, over time, because they last longer and are more durable. Low-quality glass requires more upkeep, maintenance, and frequent replacement.

Why Tempered Glass is Best

image - Why Tempered Glass is Best

For the highest glass quality, we recommend tempered glass – a material that is highly preferred.

  • Tempered glass is more resistant to damage and will last a longer period of time compared to other materials.
  • The glass thickness is also of high importance when making a selection. The thicker the glass, the stronger it is and more resistant. Glass strength is also important for hold. Remember to consider the amount of weight and items you intend on storing atop your shelving.

The Glass Shape

image - The Glass Shape

  • When considering which glass material you’ll want to purchase for your custom shelving, also consider the shape of the glass.
  • The glass shape will be determined by the intended space for the installation.
  • Thankfully, the glass comes in a variety of shapes, this includes rectangle, square, circle and oblong, triangle, and a combination of all of the above.
  • Again, the glass shape should fit that of the area where it will be installed. It is aesthetically appealing to ensure that the shelving is customized for the precise size and dimensions of the space.
  • For example, quarter-circle shelves are best for corners because they’re more suited for walls.

The Glass Color

image - The Glass Color

One of the cool things about glass is the ability to add color. While you can keep your custom glass shelves clear. You can also opt to tint the shelving or even include some other.

Color options may include bronze, gray, or some more vibrant options including red, pink, green, blue, yellow, or purple.

Choosing the Right Brackets

image - Choosing the Right Brackets

  • Like we’ve mentioned before, the type of brackets you’ll need for your glass shelf installation really comes down to the type of glass selected, the space, size, and dimensions for your installation.

For this reason, the brackets are purchased separately from the glass, after you’ve decided on the glass’ material and thickness needed for the installation

  • To ensure you’re choosing the right brackets that are compatible with your glass selection, consider getting additional feedback from an expert.

How to Order the Best Glass Shelves Online?

So how do you get the best glass for your custom glass shelving? Thankfully, there are many amazing online marketplaces where you can contact expert glass shelves manufacturing and supplying companies with their unique promotions and discounts, making the buying process easy for you.

Simply reach out to a professional and negotiate pricing that fits within your budget and needs.

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