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5 Simple Tactics to Improve Your Home’s Water Quality

If you’ve ever noticed a strange taste or discoloration in your tap water, you’re not alone.

Millions of homeowners have dealt with water-related issues on their property, yet clean drinking water is a necessity for us all.

Thankfully, there are simple measures you can take to improve your home’s water quality, such as those listed below.

image - 5 Simple Tactics to Improve Your Home's Water Quality
5 Simple Tactics to Improve Your Home’s Water Quality

Install a Filtration System

One of the best ways to boost your home’s water quality is by filtering it. Doing so can help to get rid of harmful metals, bacteria, and other containments. You’ll find everything you need to install a whole house water filtration system at discountfilterstore.com.

A water filter gives you the luxury of great-tasting water from all faucets in the home, and it extends the life of your appliances that consume water, including water heaters and dishwashers.

Maintain Pipes and Plumbing

Depending on the age of your property, there is a chance you might have some lead piping in your plumbing system. Lead pipes can affect the quality of your family’s drinking water, which will have serious and permanent ill-effects.

Lead is a toxin, and exposure to lead in drinking water causes neurological and developmental problems in children and adults.

Children are most at risk, and kids that survive lead poisoning are often left with severe health problems. The disaster that unfolded in Flint, Michigan, is a case in point.

If you do have lead pipes, have them replaced with plastic pipes as soon as possible, and avoid drinking the water until the work is done.

Boil Your Water

Sometimes the water piped into our homes is contaminated by flooding and other problems. If you have noticed a strange taste in your drinking water and believe it isn’t safe to drink, it’s advised to boil the water first.

Doing so will eliminate dangerous elements. You can go one step further and buy an in-home water testing kit that may confirm your suspicions.

Contaminated water can cause adverse health effects and diseases like dysentery.

Drain Your Water Tank

If your home’s hot water comes from a water heater tank, make a note in your diary to drain the tank periodically. This will remove any sediment and bacteria that have built up in the interim.

Use a Distiller

Water distillers can improve the quality of your water. They are straightforward to install and can be done so without the need of a professional.

When consuming distilled water, you can be confident that you’re not drinking any additives that may not agree with your body.

We tend to take for granted that the water spewing out from the faucets in our home is clean and free of harmful bacteria and toxins.

While in most cases this is true, it is important to be aware that sometimes, water isn’t safe to drink, and even when it is, there are steps we can take to improve the quality.

Follow the steps above and your home’s drinking water will be safe to drink.

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