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5 Steps to Use a Cordless Hammer Safely

In your DIY work-piece, one of the most common tools which are taken into usage is cordless hammers. Switching to cordless hammers means you’re shifting towards raising your efficiency. Seeing the operation of all other tools equipped with power, one needs to be careful in handling the cordless hammers too.

When you’re aware of the right way to use a hammer properly, it can help you stay free from any injuries or getting hurt. In certain cases such as improper electricity or broken shards, one might get hurt when using cordless hammers.

image - 5 Steps to Use a Cordless Hammer Safely
5 Steps to Use a Cordless Hammer Safely

With some of the best cordless hammers, one can get to enjoy vibration control which enables easy handling and torque-built support. If you’re a beginner just heading towards using the hammer for the first time, then it is a must to be aware of 5 steps that can ensure safe usage.

For the experienced ones, it might not be a surprise to know about some safety standards and steps to consider before using hammers.

But safety measures taken at every point can always be helpful. For each user, some safety steps must be in consideration whenever using a cordless hammer.

In this content, you can learn about the 5 steps which can be useful in handling the cordless hammer safely.

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  1. Use the Hammer to Make a Pilot Hole

In the 5-step guidance, one must be aware of making a pilot hole in the beginning. In certain cases, you can enjoy a better outcome when using a cordless hammer to make a small hole in comparison with the required size.

With a pilot hole, one can get a target wherein the hammer is to be used. This can be a safe approach to help you use the cordless hammer without getting harmed.

After making a pilot hole, begin to make it bigger. With the pilot hole, you can easily target the hammer and avoid any slipping chances.

  1. Maintain a Steady Hammer Pressure

In the 5 steps, it is one of the important steps one must remember while using hammers.  When using the cordless hammer, one must keep in mind to maintain a steady hammer pressure for safety purposes.

  1. Make Adjustments in the Clutch

In each cordless hammer, you can find a collar that can be used to make torque adjustment. Over the collar, a number series is also present.

When the number is higher, the hammer will work with higher torque. If any trouble arises in material penetration, raise the torque number.

  1. Make Sure Not to Overheat a Bit

When using the cordless hammer to drill over some rough or hard thing, there will be high friction when drilling. Even when the drill is running at a high speed, there are chances of more friction.

As a result, it may result in excess overheating and turning extremely hot. This can even lead to burning the material over which drilling is being done. In the beginning, keep the speed low and raise it when the drill doesn’t operate properly.

Drilling over hard materials can be beneficial when you keep the drill speed slow. In the intervals, pause to ensure that the hammer doesn’t turn hot.

  1. Don’t Force the Hammer When Stuck

In the final step, one must keep in mind not to force taking out the hammer when it gets stuck. One should be aware of this step as it will help you to safely use a cordless hammer.

When the drill is on running mode, you should not try to snatch it out by force from the material. For taking out the drill, you can remove the drill wire.

After that, separate chuck and bit which can be beneficial. Once done, use the manual handling tools available to take out the bit.


Using a cordless hammer can be convenient and beneficial when you know how to use it correctly! Such a powerful tool can be beneficial to complete the works which turn out impossible to do.

Many times, people are not aware of the right way to use hammers. The best trick to use one such hammer is to choose a drill that is suitable for your work. Once you get the drill in your hand, you should consider how to use it without getting hurt.

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