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5 Ways to Create a Stunning Backyard Retreat

It’s common for homeowners to maximize their indoor living spaces by investing in furniture and adding decorative items.

Homeowners usually allocate resources to improve how their living areas, kitchens, and bedrooms look and feel. However, only a very few do the same with their outdoor spaces.

image - 5 Ways to Create a Stunning Backyard Retreat
5 Ways to Create a Stunning Backyard Retreat

Having a backyard can improve the value of your property, but do you know that you can make the most out of this space by turning it into a relaxing retreat?

This is a great home improvement project to take on, especially if you’re usually stressed at home or work, or would just like to take breaks from the hustle and bustle of life.

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Here are five ways to create a stunning backyard retreat:

1. Plant Flowers and Shrubs

There are several ways you can transform your backyard into a calmer and more relaxing retreat, and most of these strategies don’t require a hefty sum of money from your pocket.

Planting flowers and shrubs, for example, is an inexpensive yet creative way to transform your backyard into a brand-new space.

Planting flowers and shrubs in your backyard will immediately make the space feel calmer and more relaxed. Greeneries can also provide shade and cooler temperatures that can allow you to save money on your energy bills.

Having plants in your backyard can also improve your mood, relieve stress and anxiety, and even prolong one’s attention span.

If you’re leaning towards this direction, make sure to read this blog post and hire a professional to design your landscape. These contractors will know the best flowers and shrubs to plant in your backyard depending on your climate and soil quality.

2. Dress Up Your Deck or Patio

Investing in a deck or patio is a cost-effective investment as you’ll be able to increase your living space and the value of your property. But simply having one on your property isn’t enough to turn your backyard into a stunning retreat.

If you already have a deck or patio, dress it up by adding some outdoor furniture, hanging lights, and flower beds. You can also add an oversized ottoman (especially if your deck or patio is small) or some foldable umbrellas.

When redesigning your deck or patio, remember to stick to a theme to prevent the area from looking cluttered.

For instance, you can choose to incorporate warm colors in your deck or patio and then invest in furniture and other decorative pieces that come in this color palette to make the space look cohesive.

3. Add an Outdoor Kitchen

image - Outdoor Kitchen

Everything a person needs to live comfortably can be accessed inside their homes—they can cook meals, host parties, and share conversations with friends indoors.

But if you’ve been doing all of these for years, you’ll eventually feel bored in the same environment with the same activities. Everybody loves to enjoy some changes in their scenery once in a while, right?

Another way to create a stunning backyard retreat is to add an outdoor kitchen to the property. An outdoor kitchen is a smart investment because having one can improve your cooking experience and encourage you to host parties with friends and family outdoors.

When adding an outdoor kitchen, start small and don’t immediately buy a fancy grill. Instead, purchase a countertop, closed storage, and separate side burners first. These are essentials to ensure that you can easily cook and prepare meals in your backyard.

4. Ensure Privacy

It’ll be challenging for you to relax in your backyard if the space is visible to passersby and neighbors. How can you relax if your activities are being watched? Ensuring privacy in your backyard is essential to make the space feel like your own oasis.

You can increase the privacy of your backyard by adding fences or garden walls. Installing pergolas or lattices are also great options as these define your outdoor spaces, divide areas, and screen views of nearby houses and passersby.

5. Add a Hot Tub

You can choose to do a lot of things in your backyard, but for sure, that list will always include being able to relax in this outdoor space—and you can achieve that goal by adding a hot tub in your backyard.

Although expensive, a hot tub can be beneficial in the long run because it relieves sore muscles, expedites injury recovery, and allows you to pamper yourself. You can also perform several therapeutic techniques for at-home therapies when you have your own bathtub.

Before you have a hot tub installed in your backyard, take the time to choose the best spot, and assess whether you want it to be in the shade or under the sun.

A hot tub will also require an independent foundation because it usually weighs around two tons, so make sure to include this when budgeting.

Work with Pros

You’ll never run out of ideas when creating a stunning backyard retreat. Aside from the tips in this article, you can still gain several ideas when you do your search online.

Regardless of how minor the changes you want for your backyard, make sure that you consult and work with a professional. Experienced contractors will give pieces of advice on how you can effectively redesign your backyard and ensure that none of your resources are wasted during the project.