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Best Practice for Heating Control

When it comes to Knx initially, we have the opinion that there is no best practice. We will, however, as we get into more hands-on Knx operations, and more specifically how we can better control our heating and cooling systems with the guide of http://elicon.dk, we will be seeing the benefits of Knx in a whole new light.

In a future post, we will be looking at this from a few different angles so as to give you a better idea of what we are going to discuss.

image - Best Practice for Heating Control
Best Practice for Heating Control

What we are looking at here is really just another aspect of the overall maintenance of the HVAC system. Some people may put too much emphasis on operational control and not enough emphasis on maintenance.

This is a common flaw in many industries but especially with heating and cooling control systems. It’s pretty easy to fix and many companies will pay someone else to do it for you which is why we feel that the investment is well worthwhile.

So what does Knx actually mean? To put it in simple terms, Knx is the abbreviated form of the Knuckle Sandwich Device. The device consists of four main components – the compressor, condenser, evaporator, and expansion valve.

So in reality, the best practice would be to call the system “the knuckle”. The knuckle sandwich is referred to as such because it is named after the Air Temperatures and their effects on heat transfer.

The first part of the device to consider is temperature and humidity control. How is your home set up? Are you getting your air conditioner from a local building supply store? Are you using a woodstove?

The latter is obviously going to be a little bit more efficient but what is important is that you don’t overuse your heating and air system.

One of the best ways to keep your Heating and Air Conditioning unit operating at its maximum efficiency is to use a humidifier. This will also be beneficial to your health.

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Now if you are living in an area where it snows, you should not use an air conditioner at all. Snow can cause your unit to run poorly. Why would you want to have something that can potentially kill you?

When it comes to temperature, your best option is to set your thermostat to a comfortable level. However, remember that it is not always comfortable. If you are in a particularly hot part of the country, you might need to adjust your thermostat to get through the day.

If your heating and air conditioning unit is a bit old, it might be a good idea to have it serviced regularly. It might sound like it is not necessary, but there are definitely times when you might need to make use of a newer unit.

As for humidity, this is actually one of the worst practices for air conditioning. Remember that having high humidity can cause problems in your home.

For this reason, it is best practice to regularly check the humidity level in your home. It is also recommended that you clean your humidifier’s to keep them working properly.

In fact, if you are going to use any humidifiers, it might be a good idea to purchase a hygrometer so that you can determine how much water to add.

If you follow the best practice, you will be able to reduce the risk of premature aging of your central heating system. And with just a little investment of time and money, you will not need to worry about replacing your system anytime soon. Have fun with it, and it should last you for years.

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