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Benefits of Choosing Underfloor Heating over Traditional Heating

Underfloor heating or radiant heating has become a popular trend. While it was previously a luxurious home feature, homeowners are increasingly becoming aware of the benefits and choosing them over conventional radiator systems. Currently, floor heating is one of the trending home renovation projects in the UK.

image - Benefits of Choosing Underfloor Heating over Traditional Heating
Benefits of Choosing Underfloor Heating over Traditional Heating

With the focus on neat, cozy, design-led living, floor heating is the best option for you if you are considering the home improvement in the near future.

Underfloor heating is a comfortable means to warm your toes. Below are the key benefits which will give you more reasons to choose floor heating over traditional heating methods.


Although underfloor heating comes with installation costs, it does not usually need any type of maintenance once it has been installed.

Both electric and water-based underfloor heating are durable. This is the reason why underfloor heating in the UK is gaining popularity.

The underfloor heating provides complete peace of mind as it needs no maintenance. The companies which manufacture or sell this product provide a guarantee of a lifetime of up to 25 years.

However, water-fed heating should be certified to BS EN 1264 standards. Most of the well-known companies follow these standards.

Energy Efficient

Electric as well as water-based systems provide space heating from the floor up for continuous, steady, and efficient warmth. As its name suggests, warm water systems run warm water through pipes to create heat.

On the other hand, electric underfloor heating produces heat by heating wiring beneath the floor.

While a traditional radiator requires a temperature around 70 degrees Celsius to heat itself, underfloor heating can run at a temperature less than 29 degrees Celsius; the type of floor finish plays an important role in determining the required temperature.

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As the latter consumes less energy, your energy bills are always lower as you save energy and money. It has been analyzed that underfloor heating can provide its user with an average saving of 15% on bills due to the way it warms a home.

Uniform Heating

Radiators are prone to cold spots as they heat the air nearest them first. You may feel very hot while you are near the radiator and cold when you are a bit away from it.

The air usually becomes coldest in the middle of the room. While you try to open the windows near the radiator, the heat of the room also goes away. Underfloor heating does not overheat and gives consistent and uniform heating throughout the room.

You can set the temperature yourself with the help of an on-the-wall thermostat.

Well-Designed and Spacious 

Underfloor heating in the UK gives you the privilege of enjoying design freedom due to the heated floors. This gives you an opportunity to decorate the walls according to your wish and make a statement.

You can either opt for the minimalist look or show your creativity around radiators.

Works with all Floor Coverings

Underfloor heating goes well with every type of flooring. You can choose wood, stone, tile, or carpet for your flooring. Thus, it provides no hindrance when you choose the material for your floors. You are free to choose anything you wish for.

Safety and Comfort

With underfloor heating, you will not have to worry about sharp edges and hot surfaces of radiators, especially if you have kids and pets in your house.

The heating system is safe and won’t hurt if you touch it accidentally. It does not become too hot keeping your room oxygen-rich and clean.

Traditional heating, on the other hand, can increase the temperature and cause discomfort by reducing the oxygen levels of your room.

Ease of Installation

You can install underfloor heating easily. It is laid down with the electric wire, which is pre-shaped and attached to the mesh. It is as simple as rolling down a carpet.

Keeping your rooms clean becomes easier as it does not come with the nooks and crannies of the old-fashioned heating system.

You should install your heating system after performing an efficiency test. This simple activity would help you analyze its optimal performance and overall effectiveness.

All-round comfort

Walking around the home becomes easy and much more fun with uniform heating through the floor. With consistent temperature, the underfloor heating will always keep you on your toes.

More hygienic

Damp floors can turn into a breeding ground for the dreaded dust mite. With heated floors, underfloor heating keeps the bugs and insects away.

It makes the entire house warm and moist-free so that no creepy crawlers are allowed to breed. It has been seen that the underfloor heating show can reduce dust mites by eighty percent.

This dry and clean environment is also recommended if you have a patient suffering from respiratory illnesses like bronchitis and asthma at home.

Flexibility in room temperate

Every room can have its own dedicated thermostat; hence one room can be kept warmer than others. This leaves no scope of arguments at home.

Aged people might feel colder; hence, they can set the temperature of their room accordingly. It is not compulsory for every room to have the same temperature.

This keeps your family happy as each member has his or her own space, preference, and privacy.