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Seven Benefits that Underfloor Heating System Provides Over Radiator Heating System

Our home is where we look for comfort. How would it feel that when you come back from the office and the weather inside is as chilling and cold as the outside?

This is where heating systems have become so convenient and beneficial for homeowners.

Just imagine your heating system isn’t working well and you have to spend the time in that way. How inconvenient it would be for you.

image - Seven Benefits that Underfloor Heating System Provides Over Radiator Heating System
Seven Benefits that Underfloor Heating System Provides Over Radiator Heating System

When we are talking about home heating systems, since these came into use they have evolved a lot.

While at one-time radiator systems were the most common ones, the heating system process is now changing to newer ones.

One of these is the underfloor heating system. Unlike the traditional radiator based heating system, an underfloor heating pipe is installed within the floor that heats the entire room or property.

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This heating pipe carries warm water below to radiate the heat.

While radiators work on convection currents that heat the air in the room, underfloor heating radiates heat that aims to heat the objects in the room.

So, is this system better than the conventional radiator-based heating system? When you are looking to identify which one is best and whether opting for cheap underfloor heating services is beneficial for, the below-mentioned advantages of this will help you make your decision:

  1. Full Comfort to You

In comparison to the traditional heating system, the underfloor heating system ensures the heat is evenly distributed to the entire room and thus based on the heating level you will experience much better comfort. This heating system comes with a thermostat that makes controlling the heat an easy thing.

Unlike the radiator which may cause the air to become dry sometimes, underfloor heating conserves the air moisture thus rendering a much comfortable atmosphere.

The temperature will be consistent throughout the room, unlike with a radiator that makes one corner cooler than the other and which makes it a bit uncomfortable as you would be vying for a spot near the radiator.

  1. High Energy Efficiency

It is another benefit of the underfloor heating system that makes it a better option for homeowners worried about their electricity consumption.

This system heats the floor and therefore it means that it retains the heat much better than the traditional heating systems.

The radiators cool down very quickly and thus for heating the room or property again, more energy is consumed. With underfloor heating, heat retention is better therefore less energy is required.

  1. Low Maintenance

After you have got the underfloor heating system installed, then rarely it will require you to look for its maintenance.

And this applies to both water and electric based underfloor heating system. Make sure that when you are opting for the underfloor heating system, it is of the finest grade that comes with a good guarantee and is installed by a professional.

  1. It is Hygienic

Another benefit that not many users usually pay attention to.

With a conventional, radiator based heating system the floors usually remain cold which may result in the ground level of the property becoming damp.

Unlike this, underfloor heating means that the heat spreads evenly and the floor is heated which doesn’t cause it to become damp and therefore no breeding ground for dust mites and such insects.

This is a great benefit that means you have a much better environment to live in.

  1. It Can be Fitted with Almost All Floor Types

When getting an underfloor heating system installed, one of the things that will concern you is that if the system will fit within the said floor surface.

And the answer is – yes. So, if you think that underfloor heating is suitable for solid surfaces, then think again. From vinyl to laminate, engineered wood, and much more, this heating system can be fitted with almost all types of floor surfaces.

  1. Heating Flexibility

With the underfloor heating system and each room having its dedicated thermostat, there is no worry when one room occupant wants the heating level to be a bit more than the other room.

This not helps you enjoy the heating control, have flexibility over how much heating level is required pertaining to a specific room or space, but it also means that you can keep the thermostat off in unoccupied rooms, thus bringing the energy consumption much lower.

  1. It Frees up Space

When you have radiators in your home, then you know that these require certain spaces to occupy for which you have to plan regarding the interior space design.

With underfloor heating systems in place, there is no such requirement in place, and you get free space that you can use however you want to use.

This is a big benefit for homes where limited space can be a big concern.

So, now you would know why opting for cheap underfloor heating services can bring so many benefits to your home and you.