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How to Better Insulate the Roofs and Have the House Cooler

When the sun beats down, a roof can literally turn into a giant radiator, and the energy consumption for cooling or heating skyrockets. Improving the thermal behavior of a roof is possible, whether it is sheet metal, tile, or slab, with solutions in which it is not necessary to disassemble it.

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mage - How to Better Insulate the Roofs and Have the House Cooler
How to Better Insulate the Roofs and Have the House Cooler

Ceramic Paint

It is a high-performance coating capable of reducing the temperature of a membrane roof. With a layer thickness of only 0.25 mm, the paint blocks heat in its three forms of transfer (radiation, conduction, and convection), lowering the temperature of a metal coating by about 30 degrees.

Also, it helps to control the spread of fire in the event of a fire. The product is applied directly to the aluminized sheet or membrane with a roller, brush, or spray gun.

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Transforming a roof into a green terrace will improve its insulating capacity. In this case, it must be verified that the load added to the ceiling does not exceed the allowable one, and the waterproof insulation must be checked.

An investment of about 950 pesos per m2 must be considered to reinforce the insulation with a geotextile membrane and prepare the substrate with earth and gravel.

Inverted Roof

This solution consists of placing special expanded polystyrene plates (they look like a ravioli plate) on the waterproof membrane by inserting a geotextile blanket on the existing slab.

By placing the insulation on the external face of the roof, additional protection is achieved for the membrane by being protected from the harmful action of heat, extending its useful life.

Then, to prevent the plates from flying off and protect them from UV rays, it is laid as a pebble finish. The stones can be replaced by earth to build a green space, place a deck, tiles with spacers to make the terrace walkable.

Tile or Sheet Roofs

When assembled traditionally, a roll of glass wool can be placed between rafters. The task is simple because the width of the roll is designed according to the usual spacing left between the braces.

As a finish, you can build a plasterboard ceiling by copying the slope of the roof. In both cases, sheet metal or tile, this solution complies with thermal insulation level B of IRAM standards.

Roofs Without Slop

From inside the room, you can add glass wool sheets, to later build an applied ceiling. This solution can be improved by assembling an air chamber between the internal face of the slab and the insulation.