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The Importance of Proper Air Conditioning Air Filter Selection

One of the components of an air conditioning system that is often overlooked is the air filter. While it may look like a series of panels covers filled with fibers, it is crucial in the working air conditioning unit. For this reason, they must be kept in good working condition.

Having a functional air filter selection has its advantages.

image - The Importance of Proper Air Conditioning Air Filter Selection
The Importance of Proper Air Conditioning Air Filter Selection

They Protect the HVAC System

One of the reasons the HVAC systems would malfunction is the accumulation of dust in the systems. Cleaning out this dust can cause many issues for your entire systems and cost you a lot to replace or repair it.

The easiest and cheapest way to handle this is by getting an air filter that fits well. Ensure that you change this filter regularly. In doing so, you ensure a consistent flow of air in and out of the HVAC system, and your house gets cooled or heated efficiently.

The filter will not just protect the air conditioning system from dirt. A local business owner from Kimbel Service said that the filter would also stop dirt and debris from getting stuck in the system.

The air filter is cheaper to replace when compared to the repair of the HVAC system.

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Helps Reduce the Amount of Dust in the Home or Office

The HVAC system works by allowing air to pass in and out of the system. As such, you are bound to get many dust particles coming in when the system is on. The air filter works to prevent the excessive entry of this dust.

Many of the air filters are pleated, which increases the surface on which the dust will get trapped. Even though the filters might not eliminate dust particles being blown into the room, they significantly reduce the particles entering the room.

This makes using the HVAC system easier and bearable. The filter will come in handy, especially if you have anyone with asthma or dust allergies in the room.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Is Improved

While the air filter’s primary role is to filter particles, it goes without saying that improving air quality is equally important. People who have installed an HVAC system in their homes expect the air to be cleaner and better.

Having the filter in place will ensure this. Research shows that HVAC systems with filters in them filter out the air better.

Saves on Electric Bills

A faulty HVAC will use up more energy to heat or cool a room. Many times, the system gets defective due to excessive build-up of dust and dirt in the vents. Having a filter ensures that there is little no dust getting into the system.

As such, the system can run smoothly. It will also consume less energy compared to a faulty system. You will save on the electrical bills in the long run as the HVAC will be running efficiently.

Extends the Lifespan of the HVAC

When the filter is installed, there is little to no damages going to the system. It translates to fewer repairs or replacements being done to the system as well. For this reason, there are fewer chances if the system keeps being opened up and fixed.

When you have a filter in place, all you need to do is clean it up and replace it where need be. As such, you will not need to repair the entire system. It will ensure the longevity of the system.

Professional Air Filtration

With the air filters, you are guaranteed a MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value). The range is usually from 1 to 16. Getting one with a higher rating means you have a HEPA (high-efficiency particle air).

To ensure you have a good filter, ensure you get one that is not less than 7. If you need help with this, then seek professional guidance on what will work for your home.

Care of the Filters

Even though the air filter is supposed to protect the HVAC system, you also need to take care of the filter. This is the only way to ensure that it serves you for a long and keeps the HVAC system running without any issues.

It would help if you kept in mind various things to keep the air filter in good working condition.

  • Regular Cleaning: This is the easiest way to keep the filter in good working condition. Depending on how often the HVAC is on, you need to clean the filter every 30 to 60 days. This will help get rid of the dust accumulated on the filter.
  • Find out if the filter you are using is washable or disposable. While a disposable air filter may be cheaper to buy upfront, you will have to keep buying a new one each time it gets dirty. In the long run, you will end up spending more money on the disposable one.
  • Get the filter from a professional. The only way to be sure of your filter’s quality is by getting it from a professional. They will not only guarantee you quality products but will offer after-sale services.
  • Regularly check the filters. For the system to work well, it needs to be subjected to regular checks. The checks will help you detect any issues early enough and fox them before they get out of hand.

The HVAC system is an essential part of a home or office. As such, care should be taken to ensure that the system keeps running. Getting the right system for your home is not enough if you do not have filters to aid in its functionality.

The filters will ensure that you get the best service out of your HVAC. It will also save you money in the long run that you might have used to replace a faulty system or paid for the repairs.

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