Gone are the days when traditional trailers were used to transfer heavyweight vehicles facing several inconveniences during the journey! With each passing day, technology is improving, and you must embrace the advancement to enjoy the unending facilities.

If you find it challenging to tow snow bikes and snowmobiles from one place to another, you need a Berrk sled deck.

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How Does a Sled Deck Help You in Towing Snowmobiles?

Snowmobiles are heavyweight vehicles used as a medium of transportation in the areas of heavy snowfall. In the earlier days, people used to find it difficult to tow the weighty snow bikes using the traditional trailers.

Carrying massive towing trailers (with snowmobiles inside) via rugged mountain roads is severely risky. Hence, Berrk has invented heavy-duty decks that can be fitted to the back of the trucks to carry a maximum of 2 sled decks at a time.

With these decks, you can easily access the upward or downward mountain roads without much hazard.

Top 4 Reasons to Buy Sled Deck

If you are wondering whether to invest in a sled deck or not transfer the snowmobiles using a trailer, then the following points will change your perspective.

  • You Can Easily Park Your Car:

Trailers appear to be massive, and it is impossible to park the trailers in a tight space. Apart from that, without a place to turn around, it would be a herculean task to have the entire matter on the track.

On the other hand, if you fit a high-quality Berrk sled deck at the back of your truck, you will find it very feasible to park your truck at various parking areas even with tight spaces.

  • Say NO to Road Salt and Grime:

When you use a traditional trailer to carry snow bikes and other vehicles, it comes closer to the road and ends up reducing the glow of the snowmobiles by road salt and grime.

Whereas with a sled deck, the snowmobile maintains a safe distance from the road and remains intact with the same glow.

  • Say YES to Even the Non-plowed Roads:

With traditional trailers, you cannot ride for long on the rugged non-plowed lands. But you can effortlessly run your truck on the jagged roads featuring a sled deck in the back carrying two heavyweight snowmobiles.

  • No trailer, No Registration:

With a towing trailer, you will have to spend on the registration and insurance. Hence be smart, by a durable sled deck, and carry snowmobiles without any registration fee.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, there are more advantages that you will get from a sled deck. However, it would be wise to get familiar with Berrk sled decks’ special features before purchasing one.

Top Features of Standard Sled Deck to Blow Your Mind

Sometimes it is profitable to buy advanced products in order to ease the labor. The following specifications will provide you with enough reasons to invest in a sled deck apart from maintaining a traditional trailer.

  • Patent-pending Technology:

This advanced technology makes it easier for users to enjoy the comfort of using a sled deck. With this technology, manufacturers produce strong aluminum decks without including aluminum welds.

  • 90% Aerospace Aluminum:

Aerospace aluminum is one of the durable materials that last for long without damage. You can use a sled deck for years without a pause due to the involvement of aerospace aluminum.

  • Testing and Designing:

Powerful sled decks are prepared after hours of designing by expert engineers. Apart from that, the skilled technicians test the materials to ensure quality.

  • Lightweight:

Sled decks are lightweight. You can easily fit them at the back of your truck without any professional help.

All you need to assemble the deck following the steps mentioned in the brochure. Else, you can easily keep sled decks inside your garage after unfixing it from the truck.

  • Corrosion-resistant Metals:

The material of high-standard sled decks is made of corrosion-resistant bolts and metals to run a long race.

  • It Can Carry Up to 1500 lbs of Weight:

This is a great feature to consider for sure. The weight of snowmobiles generally ranges from 400 pounds to 600 pounds. Hence, you can positively carry two big size snowmobiles in one sled deck.

In the end, if you are thinking of buying a high-quality sled deck to transfer snow bikes, then keep the above-mentioned features in mind. Undoubtedly, the sled deck can assist you for thousands of rugged miles without any break.