Featured of How to Create a Safety and Comfy Home for Your Senior Relatives

How to Create a Safety and Comfy Home for Your Senior Relatives

Families who live with senior relatives aim to create a home that’s accident-free and extra comfy. Your aging loved ones deserve the best treatment, most especially if they’re having mobility issues or if they suffer from debilitating illnesses.

Unlike what most people think, it’s quite easy to create a home that can cater to the special needs of your elderly loved ones.

How to Create a Safety and Comfy Home for Your Senior Relatives

How to Create a Safety and Comfy Home for Your Senior Relatives

How to Create a Safety and Comfy Home for Your Senior Relatives

We’ve outlined all the key things you need to do to improve your homes for your old parents, grandparents or other loved ones.

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Attend to Your Damaged Flooring

Carpeted floorings work great for households with elderly family members. However, you must ensure that it’s not frayed or damaged in any way.

If you spot possible signs of wear and tear that can cause elderly folks to trip and fall, we recommend replacing the material as soon as you can. Check if it’s loose on the edges as well. Secure it back in place with tacks or a heavy duty tape.

If you don’t use carpet, make sure that your flooring is free from cracks. You should also wipe spills right away to prevent life-threatening accidents.

Make Enough Room for Walking

Some seniors need to use mobility equipment to move around the house. This is why you have to create wide walk spaces all throughout your house.

Make Enough Room for Walking

Make Enough Room for Walking

To do this, you need to plan how you will arrange your furnishings. Instead of placing items in the middle of the room, why not utilize the corners so your old loved ones can easily move around?

Work on the Circuits

Most of the time, households with senior relatives overload their circuits because of the medical equipment installed. As much as possible, you should prevent circuit overloads because this may cause a fire.

Below are some important practices you can do to prevent circuit problems:

  • Check the Wires Regularly

The insulators of the wires should be free from cracks. If the metal part gets exposed, it becomes more prone to overheating.

  • Know the Wattage Used

If the lights inside the house flicker or dim suddenly, the wattage consumption may be exceeding the normal rate. Take note of the power used by the appliances and medical equipment. To avoid issues, carefully plan when you should use each item.

  • Locate the Circuit Breaker

Most of the time, circuit breakers are placed in the utility room or the basement. If the electric current surges, the circuit breaker shuts off the power. You must know where this is located so you can manually shut off the power when the need arises.

Never Use Oxygen in the Cooking Area

While oxygen is not a flammable gas, it’s not recommended to use supplementary oxygen in the kitchen. Oxygen aids to the chemical reactions that occur during a fire, so you must never place the tank near the cooking area.

As much as possible, you should place it in a cool place and well-ventilated area in the house, such as your senior loved one’s bedroom.

Create a Safe Bathroom

Accidents in the bathroom account for the highest number of debilitating injuries among old people. You should install non-skid mats on the floor to increase friction and minimize the risks of accidents.

You may also install grab bars on the walls so your senior loved ones can walk inside the bathroom with greater ease.

To further improve the quality of life of your senior loved ones, you can consider the following bathroom improvement ideas:

  • If they use wheelchairs, you should consider installing a walk-in tub.
  • Old people tend to suffer from back problems so you should have a shower bench ready for them.
  • Places all the toilet essential in easy to reach places.
  • Clear the clutter and wipe the floor dry every time you finish using the bathroom.
  • Update the lighting fixtures so your senior loved ones don’t bump their knees or other parts of their body because they can’t see the room clearly.
  • Consider using toilets with raised seats. This will help your debilitated loved ones use the toilet easier.

Keep the Lights Switched in the Walkway Areas

Sometimes, your granny, grandpa, and other old relatives want to eat snacks in the middle of the night. They might also want to take a pee without walking anyone in the house.

That’s why we highly recommend keeping the lights on especially near the staircase and the walkways.

This will help them avoid falling or tripping while they sneak into the kitchen or going to the bathroom.

Invest in a Quality Medical Alert System

Medical alert systems come extra handy especially for old people who suffer from terrible diseases and conditions such as Alzheimer’s Disease, pneumonia, diabetes, and hypertension.

With a medical alert system, you can easily call for help in case of emergencies by pressing the button on the provided device.



Your elderly loved ones deserve extra care and attention. They need you more than ever now that they have difficulty in performing their usual routine. One of the best ways you can do to help them live a comfortable life is to create a senior-friendly house. Which of the home improvement and safety tips have you done so far?

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