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Understanding New Roof Costs and When It’s Time to Get an Estimate

In the United States, most roofs will last 20 years or more.

Getting a new roof can be expensive, and it’s important that you calculate new roof costs. Not all roofs last as long as they should. A roof’s short lifespan can be due to environmental factors and weather.

image - Understanding New Roof Costs and When It's Time to Get an Estimate
Understanding New Roof Costs and When It’s Time to Get an Estimate

If you think you may need a new roof, let’s break down how much it’ll cost and when you should consider getting an estimate.

For roofing, a contractor can give you an estimate based on several key factors about your roof. More about that later, but first, let’s try to calculate what you’ll need.

New Roof Costs

To calculate the costs of your new roof, there are several factors to consider. The type of shingle or roofing material you go with and the square footage of the roof are the two most significant factors.

The shape of your roof also makes an impact, as it could require more material to cover.

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  1. Type of Roofing Material

The most common type of roofing material is the asphalt shingle. When most people think of shingles, this is what they envision: a tabbed gray and black asphalt shingle.

These are common because they are inexpensive compared to other choices and last for an average of 20 years.

There are other types of roofing material to consider, however. Metal roofs are prevalent in some areas, such places with heavier than average snowfall, for instance.

Composite shingles have become much more popular, and architectural shingles are also very popular to go with certain looks.

No matter which material you choose, the cost will increase as you move further from asphalt shingles.

Consult with your roofing contractor about the options and costs for a new roof made of other materials. You may find they can get you a cheaper deal than you expect.

  1. Size of the Roof

The size of your roof is going to be a major contributor to the cost of your replacement. The base calculation that your roofer will make will be based on the square footage of your roof.

This will be the primary consideration after the type of shingle when determining new roof costs.

The main reason why size matters are that it determines how many shingles you will need.

This is also true of other roofing materials, as they are measured and priced to the size necessary. You can use a roofing calculator to determine the actual square feet of your roof.

Once you are armed with this knowledge, you must take the cost of the shingles per square foot and multiply it by the size of the roof.

This should give you a rough guess of how much the materials are going to cost, but this calculation won’t account for labor.

  1. The Shape of the Roof

If you have a roof that features a lot of peaks and valleys or gables, you can sometimes spend more. The reason for this is that it takes more than the square footage of your roof to cover it.

Also, it will require modification done to shingles and roofing material to fit the available space.

It is important that your roof is built in such a way that it doesn’t allow water or moisture of any kind into the house.

It is also important for insulation that the roof creates a good seal against the outside. Both of these things are harder when you have a complex roof, and so the price could go up.

Another factor to consider is that it will take more time and labor to complete a challenging roof. If the roofer wants to get it done faster, they may even have to use more people. Either way, this will impact the final cost of your roof.

When to Get a New Roof Estimate

The best way to determine the health of your roof is to do a visual inspection. To complete a visual inspection, tour the outside of your house, checking the edges of the roof.

If there are any areas where the shingles appear warped or are coming free of the structure, that is a sign of damage.

You can also get a ladder out and get a better look at the shingles. Missing sections of shingles or bent and warped areas are all indications that your roof will need to be repaired or replaced.

If this is the case, contact a roofer to take a look for you so that they can determine what you will need.

One key warning sign is if your roof develops any leaks. Once your roof starts leaking, you are in danger of having extreme structural damage done to the house.

You could patch the roof, but this is often just a delaying tactic until you can get a new roof.

To get a new roof estimate, you only need to contact a roofer. Most contractors will be willing to give you a free consultation and estimate.

When a roofing contractor comes to give an estimate, they will measure the roof and find out what you want your new roof to be made of.

With this information in mind, the roofer will be able to generate a very accurate idea of what it will cost.

Make sure to also ask the roofer any questions that you have at this point. A good roofing contractor will be able to answer your questions or will be able to find answers to your questions.

The Value of a Good Roof

A good roof is one of the most important things you can have for a house. New roof costs can be high, but the payoff is incredible.

A new roof will protect your home against water damage, mold, and other issues that can be expensive and dangerous.

If you have any warning signs, or just want to get a new roof before any damage is done, contact a roofing contractor.

They will come out and give you an estimate based on your house. Failing to do so could lead to even more expensive structural damage and repairs in the future.

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