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How to Build a Gorgeous Backyard Kitchen for Good Weather Events

Nearly 25% of people in the United States spend 21-24 hours inside a building every day.

Since technology has taken over, people are forgetting about all of the fun they can have in their yards.

If you want your family to put their phones down, you can create a cool hangout space in the backyard, that includes a kitchen.

image - How to Build a Gorgeous Backyard Kitchen for Good Weather Events
How to Build a Gorgeous Backyard Kitchen for Good Weather Events

Continue reading to discover the best backyard kitchen design ideas that will bring your family together!

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  1. Add Pops of Color

One of the best things about spring and summer is the beautifully colored flowers and plants blooming.

To have a gorgeous backyard kitchen, you should consider adding bold pops of color. If the backyard doesn’t look appealing, you likely won’t want to spend time back there.

Don’t be afraid to decorate your backyard kitchen as much as you would indoors. Try to make your outdoor kitchen a happy place to be in that adds to the entire home’s appearance.

You will want to make the kitchen a happy place to be in so that your family can naturally be drawn together.

  1. Build a Fireplace

If you want to build the ultimate backyard kitchen and setup, you will want to include a fireplace.

Near the cooking area outside, you can build a brick or stone fireplace. This is perfect for cozy nights that require toasted marshmallows and family.

The best way to enhance your fireplace area is by including a nice seating area.

You can place your outdoor seating and couches in a circle so that everyone can talk together and eat.

Many people prefer an outdoor fireplace instead of a firepit because it doesn’t damage the grass and allows more rooms to play in the yard.

  1. Include a Fridge

A backyard kitchen is incomplete without a well-stocked fridge.

Depending on the size of your family and how much time you spend outside, you can get a mini or normal-sized fridge.

Going inside and out to get ingredients from the house can get annoying when you cook outdoors.

If you have a fridge outside, you don’t have to go out of your way for everything you need. Stock your fridge with dinner ingredients, beverages, and snacks for everyone throughout the day!

  1. Sit at the Table

Just because you plan to eat outdoors, doesn’t mean all of your normal routines must go out the window.

By including a nice table and chairs in your outdoor kitchen, everyone can eat dinner together. Try setting up a spot on the patio that is just meant for eating at the table.

After dark, this also becomes an excellent place to play card games and talk.

To make the yard look gorgeous, add a centerpiece to the table and get placemats that complement the kitchen.

Don’t forget to purchase plastic glassware and dishes. It is better to be safe than sorry. Many businesses offer designer plasticware for outdoors.

  1. Cover Your Kitchen

Do you live in an area that has unpredictable weather or an abundance of large trees?

The wind, rain, and leaves can easily interrupt your cooking while outside. The best way to combat these natural occurrences is to cover your kitchen. By putting a patio cover above your kitchen, the party never has to stop.

You won’t have to worry about burgers getting ruined because of last-minute downpours. The roof will have you covered and keep your family and food protected.

Some people also install a patio cover to protect the electronics that they have set-up.

  1. Connect to the Pool

If you want to connect your kitchen with the fun and excitement, you will need to know what is the best above ground pool for you.

As long as your neighborhood allows it, you can install an above ground pool that has a seating area next to the grill and kitchen.

Instead of fighting with the kids to get out of the pool and dry off, they can eat their dinner sitting in the water.

Make sure that you have a nice countertop spot for them to eat and chairs in the pool to sit on. You may also want to keep plenty of towels nearby so that everyone can dry their hands before they eat!

  1. Grow Your Decor

A great way to decorate a kitchen is with fresh plants and herbs.

Since there is already plenty of sunshine outside, you can build a gardening area in the outdoor kitchen for your plants. The next time you go to make salsa outside, you can clip off fresh cilantro.

Many people recommend building your garden on shelves along a wall or in a flower bed next to the kitchen. Instead of walking to the back of your yard to gather herbs from a garden, you can have them right next to you.

  1. Built-in BBQ

A backyard kitchen isn’t complete without an amazing grilling station.

To have a gorgeous outdoor kitchen, you can build a brick grill that connects to your house or countertops.

This looks much nice than a grill that is randomly placed on the patio. Depending on the space that you have, you may even be able to include a sauteeing station.

Build the Backyard Kitchen of Your Dreams

It’s time to put your phones and computer down and get outside.

Building a backyard kitchen can help bring your family together. While the children play in the pool or yard, you can cook dinner and eat outside.

There are many kitchen designs that you can include in your home to make the most out of your space. Don’t be afraid to get creative and give your children a say in ideas.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles with do-it-yourself projects for the home and yard!

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