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Glow Stones, Glow! How to Use Glow in the Dark Paint in Your Backyard

Are you looking for a creative, energy-efficient way to decorate your backyard?

Ready, set, glow! We’ve got you covered with this simple guide on how to use glow in the dark paint to add a little light to your outdoor decor in one ingenious way. It’s a project that can be completed in no time, with few supplies.

Get ready to make your backyard shine with glow stones!

image - How to Use Glow in the Dark Paint in Your Backyard
How to Use Glow in the Dark Paint in Your Backyard

Making Your Own Glow Stones

Whether you’re looking for a way to cut your outdoor-decor budget, or simply like the idea of a solar-powered light source, glow in the dark paint could be a great solution for your yard.

Make your own glow stones to light the walkways in your backyard with these simple steps:

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  1. Select the Stones

Start by choosing the number of stones you want to illuminate with your glow in the dark paint. You can use stones straight from your garden, or purchase real “stepping stones” from your local garden or hardware store.

  1. Thoroughly Clean the Stones

Dirt and dust are no friends to paint, no matter the project. Grab some water, soap, and a scrub brush to give your stones a thorough cleaning.

Once you’ve scrubbed the stones clean with soap and water, pull out the rubbing alcohol or acetone.

This will make sure the paint goes on cleanly and doesn’t chip once applied. Be sure to let the stones dry completely before painting.

  1. Choose Your Paint

Once you’re ready to paint, you have two options for glow in the dark paint. You can find spray paint or regular liquid paint to cover your soon-to-be glowing stones.

If you opt for spray paint, make sure you hold the bottle the right distance away from the stone before applying. Holding it too close will cause bubbling and over-application.

The spray paint bottle will tell you the ideal distance.

As for regular paint, you’ll want to apply more than one coat to make sure the stones are bright enough come evening. Again, be sure to read the instructions on the paint can see how many coats are ideal for maximum brightness.

  1. Place the Stones

Once the paint has dried, (this will take longer than the drying time between coats), it’s time to place your stones wherever you’d like them. You can create your own pathway, line an existing pathway, line a garden or water feature. Get creative!

When choosing where to place the stones, don’t forget, they need sunlight during the day so they’ll glow at night. Avoiding putting them in spots that don’t get much sunlight or where other lights outshine them.

If you’re serious about making your pathway look great, Patio Pavers with professional experience can help you lay a perfect path.

More Ways to Add a Glow

If you’re serious about adding glow stones to your yard and landscaping, there is more than one way to do it. While painting existing stones is an easy and fast solution, you can also try making your own glow in the dark stones with a little cement and glow mix.

For more ideas on fun landscaping and home improvement projects, browse our latest articles.

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