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10 Cool Items You Need for the Best Backyard Ever

American families love spending time in their backyards.

But that’s hard to do if the only thing out there is an empty deck and a grass lawn. Don’t worry. With a bit of time and effort, you can turn your backyard into a beautiful, relaxing space.

10 Cool Items You Need for the Best Backyard Ever
10 Cool Items You Need for the Best Backyard Ever

10 Cool Items You Need for the Best Backyard Ever

We’ve put together a quick guide to introduce you to some cool items your yard needs before summer hits.

So let’s dive in.

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  1. Bed Loungers

You can adjust the back of an outdoor bed lounger so it’s propped up or laying flat. Because of this, you can use it in a few different ways.

Do you have guests over for a BBQ? Lift that back and let your company enjoy a comfortable seat. Do you have the backyard to yourself? Lay the back flat and take a quick nap.

You can also use a bed lounger to work on your tan or to soak up some sun after a stressful day at work. It will transform your backyard from a play area for the kids to a luxurious space for the adults.

  1. Fire Pit

Putting a fire pit in your backyard does more than just give you toasted marshmallows and gooey smores. Installing a fire pit gives your friends and family a place to gather and enjoy each others company.

You can sit around the fire and sing songs, tell stories, talk about your day, or just be with each other.

On top of that, a fire pit allows you to stay outside longer in the evenings. It gives you light to see and a warm place to sit when the sun goes down.

  1. In-Ground Trampoline

While trampolines can provide your kids with hours of entertainment and exercise, they can also pose a safety risk. Falling off a trampoline can cause broken bones and serious neck and head injuries.

But you can eliminate that risk by installing an in-ground trampoline instead.

This type of trampoline sits at ground level, so you don’t have to worry about your kids falling off the side. If you’re still worried about them landing on the hard ground, you can buy nets for added safety.

In-ground trampolines also make it easier for parents to get in on the jumping too.

  1. Outdoor Theater

Sitting down and watching a movie together can improve your relationship with your partner and your kids. Moving that movie outside just makes the experience better.

All you need is an inflatable movie screen and a projector.

After you set up the screen, hang some string lights, gather some blankets and pillows, pop the popcorn, and cuddle up with each other under the stars.

This is a great activity for your kids’ sleepovers or even just for a night in with your partner.

  1. Reading Nook

If you don’t like the idea of encouraging more screen time outside, you can create a reading nook instead. This will give your kids—or you—a space to escape the normal stresses of life and spend some time in another world.

There are a few different ways you can create an outdoor reading nook.

You can set up a few comfortable pillows and blankets under some trees on the grass. Hang some lights in the branches so you can use the nook after it gets dark too.

If you have a small gazebo or something similar, you can fill it with plants and a few chairs. Again, don’t forget the lights.

You can even build a reading nook of your own design that fits into your personal backyard style.

  1. Extra Large Hammock

Hammocks are an international symbol for summer relaxation. If you’re looking for an easy way to spruce up your backyard, hanging a hammock is one of the first things you should do.

You can relax with a book on a hammock, take a nap, soak up the sun, or enjoy some swinging time with your partner, kids, or friends.

If you don’t like the look of hammocks or don’t have two trees that are strong enough to hold on up, you should consider getting a swing chair instead. These types of chairs make comfortable seats, and they’re often big enough for two.

  1. Pool Accessories

Don’t overlook your pool. There are a number of ways you can add an element of fun, style, and comfort in the water too.

For example, you can buy pool floats that look and feel like giant beanbags. This will give you something to lounge on that you don’t have to worry about popping.

You can also buy games like pool ping pong tables. One of these is sure to keep both kids and adults alike entertained for hours.

  1. Outdoor Shower

Outdoor showers are a helpful addition to any backyard, even if you don’t have a pool.

Do you live by the beach? You can use your outdoor shower to wash all the salt and sand off your body and clean wetsuits, sand toys, etc.

Did you spend the afternoon rolling in the grass with your kids? You can wash off the dirt and stray blades of grass in the shower before you head inside.

Or you can enjoy washing your hair under the warmth of the sun.

  1. Tree Fort

If you have kids, building them a tree fort will turn the backyard into a place they want to be rather than a place you have to force them to go.

You don’t even technically need a tree in order to make a tree fort. You can build it however you want. Add a climbing structure. Hang a swing from the bottom. Put a sandbox inside.

If your kids are a little older, you can even fill the fort with blankets, pillows, and string lights and let them have a sleepover outside.

  1. Sport Courts

Large backyards are the perfect spot to set up your favorite sport court. You can install a volleyball court, a tennis court, or even an in-ground basketball court like the one at OwnTheYard.com.

You can save time driving to the community park and play your favorite sport at home instead.

How to Create the Best Backyard Ever with These Cool Items

If you’re trying to create the best backyard ever, you should start with some of these cool items.

But no backyard is complete without a garden.

Click here to learn everything you need to know about planting your own vegetable garden.

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