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5 Ways to Dispose of Renovation Waste

After going through all the hard work of turning your home into the place of your dreams, many of us are daunted by the nightmare of getting rid of all the leftover waste for that you require recycling and waste management.

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5 Ways to Dispose of Renovation Waste

Here are five ways to dispose of your renovation waste and some helpful tips on how to dispose of your renovation waste safely, effectively, and, more important, legally – so you won’t have to look over your shoulder while you do it.

Remember – dumping waste can not only harm the environment but will potentially land you with a large fine when you get caught.

If you’re building a new room or having home improvements to add some space try to take any materials in good condition to your local thrift store or reclaim yard, that way you know it hasn’t ended up in yet another landfill and you’ll be doing your bit to provide cheap alternatives for other members of your community.


There are plenty of great ideas online on how to give old belongings a makeover for reuse. Check out Pinterest and D.I.Y pages for inspiration on how to make some funky art or innovative tools from broken items, for example, inner wall rubble, can be used for backfill on other projects like laying a patio.

Although some materials might seem useless to you, if you can’t find a need for it yourself it’s worth putting up a message on social media as someone may happily take it away for free!

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Professional Removal

It is important to know what kind of waste you have to dispose of, as there are different ways in which non – hazardous and hazardous materials need to be handled. An experienced company like www.weeblejunk.com will be able to offer expert advice and affordable quotes on what they can take, be it electronics and appliances or household removals and yard waste.

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In these uncertain times, the idea of people visiting your home can be a little daunting but all companies that deal with waste removal, whether residential or commercial now have Covid 19 related regulations that must be strictly followed regarding face and hand covering as well as social distancing.

Responsible Disposal

Not only for the safety of the planet but also for your own, it is crucial to store any hazardous materials carefully and dispose of them at the correct facilities. Any light bulbs or neon signs that contain Mercury, Lead-based paint, and Asbestos are deemed hazardous and need to be appropriately handled by the correct waste management practices.

Each of the hazardous materials comes under a different classification C and D waste covers most construction and domestic waste, Asbestos has a category of its own that can be broken down to regulated and non – regulated, contact your regional environmental agencies for guidance as to the type you are disposing of my need to be surveyed.


Unfortunately, try as we might, not everything can be saved and therefore some of your refuse may have no option but to go to the dump. Depending on where you live this may be more accessible to some than others, however, keep in mind that dumping in an area, not for waste is illegal across the United States and will result in a fine.

We hope this information can be used to help eliminate stress, clear your waste, and protect the environment. Please ensure that you check and adhere to local guidelines when disposing of construction debris, yourself, information for these guidelines can be found online or contact your recycling and waste departments.

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