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Building Waste Disposal – Tips to Quickly Clean Up Your Site

If you have a construction project on the go, the first item on your list will be to remove the waste caused by the demolition during a big renovation.

Proper building waste disposal will ensure old plasterboard and carpet don’t pile up outside the building or end up on the street. But what do you do with it all during a renovation?

image - Building Waste Disposal - Tips to Quickly Clean Up Your Site
Building Waste

For big renovations, you’ll need to get rid of large amounts of waste the right way. Here’s how to make sure your building waste is removed properly and what you need to do to hire the right tools and equipment to make that happen.

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Common Types of Building Waste

During building renovations, a variety of waste materials will need to be removed. These may include:

  • Bricks, cinderblocks, and concrete
  • Plasterboard
  • Lumber
  • Insulation
  • Electrical waste
  • Old furniture
  • Nails and screws
  • Potentially hazardous materials, such as asbestos
  • etc.

How Can I Quickly Remove Building Waste

A popular way to dispose of building materials is to hire a skip or hard rubbish waste bin. These come in various sizes and will take most waste from a building site. They do have restrictions though so make sure you read through any information you are given.

Waste can also be disposed of at your local tip but there will a charge attached in many cases. Items such as concrete and soil can be disposed of at a clean fill site, but you will have to find one locally that is taking in clean fill. This option usually comes at no charge but is all a matter of timing.

What About Asbestos Waste?

Some building materials may be deemed dangerous and will need special disposal arrangements. The most obvious of these is asbestos.

If you have asbestos to be removed and disposed of, call in the experts. Asbestos is a dangerous material and should not be handled without every precaution being taken.

Asbestos is a material typically used before 1980 and is still found in a variety of building materials including ceiling tiles, roofing shingles, floor tiles, air ducts, insulation, and window caulking among others.

If you are concerned that your building site may have asbestos, it is a good idea to get the advice of an expert as to how to properly remove the items from the site.

How Do I Hire a Skip Bin?

Hiring a skip bin service is easy. Simply evaluate how much rubbish you will need to remove and how long it might take.

Then, reach out to your local rubbish removal service to enquire about their skip bin service and pricing. Most services offer 7-day hires of skip bins. The hire cost typically is calculated by the size of the skip.

Is a Skip in My Only Rubbish Removal Choice?

If you prefer not to handle the removal process yourself, you do not need to hire a skip bin. Rather, you can hire a company that will handle the entire removal for you. A rubbish removal service removes the need to:

  • Guess the size of the skip you will need
  • Lift heavy or awkwardly-sized objects
  • Worry about certain objects being rejected
  • Cleaning up the site yourself.

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