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Furniture Styles: A Guide for Better Interior Design

Designing a stylish and functional house that feels homely and comfortable is no simple task! Unfortunately, we can’t just wave a magic wand and suddenly be in the home of our dreams – it takes quite a bit of work to get us there. Styling within a specific aesthetic category makes life so much easier, and your house looks better too.

image - Furniture Styles - A Guide for Better Interior Design
Furniture Styles – A Guide for Better Interior Design

There is a tonne of design categories out there, with enough variation to satisfy most interior design enthusiasts’ needs, read on for a breakdown of the most popular styles right now…

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Hamptons homes embody the luxurious, breezy look of the gorgeous properties that stud the designer Hampton’s coast in America.

This style is all about plush, oversized neutral pieces in high-end materials and comforting designs. Keep the palette extremely refined here, you’ll need to stick to beige, cream and white along with a pop of sea-glass toned blue here and there – to reflect the beachside vibe of the look.


The industrial style favours natural materials and contrasting sizes, with a general focus on functionality as aesthetic enhancements. This look is pretty scaled back, with another very strict colour scheme.

Bold tones and hues aren’t very welcome in the Industrial style, instead opt for natural shades such as brown (from timber), black and a steely, metallic grey. Functional aspects become decorative elements for industrial furniture, think wheels or exposed beams.

You can be a little playful with sizes and scales, for example, have an oversized lamp near a compact side table, or a large clock near a two-seater couch.


Classic décor is also known as timeless or traditional and, as the name suggests, it really never goes out of style! Classic interiors should be decorative, organised, textured and seriously symmetrical. Classic aesthetics are at play here, so every room should be balanced in design harmony.

Try to make sure that matching sofas mirror each other, opt for dining sets to pair perfectly and be very restrained when accessorising – nothing too visually disruptive.

Soft colours are essential here, so be sure to stick to neutrals with subtle, muted pops of dove grey, dusty rose or duck egg. The classic look loves decorative edges, so look for anything with scalloping or take advantage of pre-existing features such as crown moulding for a flawlessly timeless look.


Country channels rustic, vintage and farmhouse vibes to create a homely, warming atmosphere that feels incredibly comfortable. This is another category that loves its neutrals, so be restrained with your palette and opt for creamy nudes, with a few subtle accents of muted blue or soft red for a cheerful, earthy home.

Timber is a favourite of the country look; you’ll find it everywhere in a countryside home! Opt for large, reclaimed pieces that tell their own style story to add lots of character to your space.

For accessorising, be sure to display a collection of meaningful, touching trinkets that remind you of your family and your memories. This will enhance the comforting personality of the country look.

French Provincial

French Provincial is a stylish form of interior design that favours ornate carvings, decorative materials, extravagant edges and stylish finishing.

Go for a warm colour palette with pops of cobalt blue, mustard yellow and delicate pinks make your house feel both fashionable and comfortable. Add some antique or vintage classic pieces here and there to lean into the extravagant, flamboyant nature of this group.

Sold on your favourite interior design style? Head to your nearest furniture store in Tamworth or greater Sydney to secure gorgeous pieces for your home!

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