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10 Ways to Create a Modern Interior Design

Arrangements of modern interiors are based on minimalism, functionality, and simplicity. They avoid overwhelming decorations and patterns.

They aim to create a healthy and relaxing asylum for the household members, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We suggest how to furnish a modern apartment.

Image - 10 Ways to Create a Modern Interior Design
10 Ways to Create a Modern Interior Design

Minimalist Modern Interior Design

The starting point is minimalism. This does not mean, however, that in modern interiors the cold is blowing. It is more about an order, symmetry, and expression, devoid of unnecessary ornaments, solid equipment.

It is an ideal base for searching for an individual style – elements that will make the whole thing more coherent and give it an original look.

Only in economical arrangements can you concentrate on the fancy form of furniture, original graphics, or original structure of upholstery.

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Modern Home Décor

The modern interior is functional, tailored to the needs of users. This means comfort, ergonomics and… less cleaning and more time for yourself. Instead of heavy curtains in windows – lightweight roller blinds.

Instead of numerous cushions – a sofa with an adjustable headrest. Instead of open shelves – smooth (lacquered) fronts. Instead of carpets and sidewalks, a homogenous floor made of natural materials and furniture canberra.

Modern Appliances at Home

Well-designed and multifunctional equipment saves a lot of valuable space. It is unpretentious but surprisingly ingenious.

Unfoldable tables and sofas reign in modern interiors. However, not only furniture but also doors can be multifunctional.

Their integral part can be organizers for small items, shelves, hangers, boards, mirrors, and even a shield with magnetic darts (e.g. the SMART collection, Porta/VOX).

Such patents for the personalization of a modern interior are appreciated primarily by owners of small apartments. Minimum of forms and maximum of functions.

Interior Design: Modern Colours

The colours of the earth, white and grey are timeless. Restrained colours soothe the senses and relax. They can also freely combine with other tones.

Details in amaranth, purple or neon green will fit perfectly into the idea of the minimalist arrangement of modern interiors, but will not disturb the impression of harmony and general order. What counts, however, is their deliberate, symmetrical arrangement.

How to Arrange Your Apartment in a Modern Way? Play with Light

In a modern interior, many things can also happen with light. Thanks to advanced technical solutions, various effects can be achieved – from moods to ideal working conditions. Intelligent home systems also offer the possibility to program personalized lighting scenarios.

They make minimalist arrangements cosy or dynamic. Natural light is also important, as are large windows. The effect of the illuminated space is enhanced by the use of mirror surfaces, also on furniture and doors.

Arrangements of Modern Interiors Ideal for You

Since minimalism, which prevailed for years, has now softened its raw face, graphic motifs and posters, as well as wallpapers and graffiti decorating home walls have returned to favour.

You can bet on ready-made prints or personalized designs. Used in moderation, they complement the character of a modern interior and can say a lot about its owner.

In such rooms, you can also bet on designer doors. Models with satin finish with intarsia (e.g. Porta Desire) work well. You can choose from many unconventional veneers. For modern arrangements – only in the industrial spirit – doors with imitation light or dark concrete will be ideal.

Apartment in Minimalist Style

A minimalist flat must have some geometric consistency. The idea of minimalism is inscribed in a clear division of space, and straight horizontal and vertical lines build an impression of order. Geometry often manifests itself when choosing furniture.

Ideally, when they have the shape of cuboids and cubes. Modular options are a good choice in this respect. Racks or spacious sofas, thanks to movable elements, can be easily adjusted to their needs, and the perfect dimensions of their bodies make them look great in every arrangement.

The Modern Design of Your Home: Combining Textures

While the modern style is quite restrained in terms of colours, the material structure is rich. It is advisable to combine matt and shiny surfaces.

Glass, metal and lacquer laminates blend perfectly with coarse woven fabrics, natural wood and concrete. Such contrasts effectively dynamize the space, depriving it of the monotony prevailing in the minimalism known from years ago.

An Extremely Fashionable Opening of Space

The more free space in a modern interior, the better. It is desirable to give up partition walls and combine a kitchen with a living room or a bathroom with a bedroom. In the case of small flats, hidden doors are an unrivalled solution.

Flush with the door frame and the wall make the flats optically larger. Ideal are also wings, hidden in the wall, which disappear when not needed.

Image - Modern Interior Design

Modern Interior Design in Accordance with the Ecological Approach

The apartment among the empty white walls is now passé. Nobody wants to live in a sterile laboratory anymore. Hence the return of natural materials and plants, as well as botanical and animal motifs. The modern arrangement of the apartments is to be friendly to well-being and health.

Good quality raw materials not only create a friendly microclimate, but they also consume much more slowly. Green design in a modern interior is aimed at limiting the purchase of too many things, and the use of eco-materials – a change in consumer behaviour and awareness of users. Minimalism always goes hand in hand with ecology. Less is more.

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