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15 Interesting Design and Home Trends That Will Breathe New Life into Your Property

Just like the weather and our emotions, things change in interior design all the time; it’s never stagnant. What may be trending one month maybe something completely new the next month?

While it’s possible that you may still be in love with an outdated home trend, generally, your love for what used to be popular naturally fades alongside the majority of folks. And like the rest, you begin to gravitate towards something new.

Although the many trends that come and go in interior design can seem hectic, applying them to the home setting is exciting and rejuvenating.

15 Interesting Design and Home Trends That Will Breathe New Life into Your Property
15 Interesting Design and Home Trends That Will Breathe New Life into Your Property

If you’re feeling nauseated looking at your dated furniture and decor, perhaps all your interior design needs is a little upgrade or mini-renovation.

By familiarizing yourself with the hottest design and home fads, you’ll be quick on your way to more aesthetic, up-to-date interior design.

Interesting Design and Home Trends

Contemplate adding some of the following to your home to give it the much-needed refreshment it deserves:

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  1. Moroccan Tile Floors

Kiss your bland tile flooring goodbye and say hello to Moroccan tile flooring! Moroccan tiles not only feature a gorgeous pattern and contrast your space will appreciate, but they also bring cultural influence into your interior design.

Moroccan tile floors are especially beautiful in smaller, more compact rooms like bathrooms or a laundry room just to give them a little edge.

If you have difficulty finding Moroccan tile that you love or don’t want to rip out your current tile flooring, you may consider hand-painting or stenciling the design of your choice onto your pre-existing tiles.

  1. Feminine Tones

Although you might be playing it safe with gender-neutral color schemes, don’t be shy with adding feminine tones to your interior design in this day and age.

Burgundy throw pillows, a muted lavender sofa, or wall art featuring pastel pink won’t be completely unseen or unheard of in 2019. Play around with various shades and tones of feminine hues without hesitation.

  1. Comfortable Seating

Forget fancy, uptight seating; in 2019, cozy couches and cushioned chairs are all the rage. This year, choose an oblong beanbag over a stiff chaise lounge.

With comfortable seating, you can bring both aesthetics and comfort to your home setting. After all, both beauty and function are vital for any interior or exterior design. Check out this site for a comfortable seat cushion.

  1. Cream Cabinetry

Dark, wooden cabinetry is out, and cream cabinetry has taken over. Rather than completely replacing your current cabinets, you can simply paint your pre-existing ones.

For added contrast in your kitchen, we suggest opting for darker countertops, preferably black or dark gray for 2019 to counterbalance the lighter-colored cabinetry.

  1. Four-poster Beds

As much as you might be in love with your current bed frame, you might be more interested in a four-poster bed, which will surely give your bedroom more pizazz this year.

Although four-poster beds are already trendy as is, stepping up this interior design fad a bit with the addition of a bed canopy will add extra elegance in a snap.

  1. Moody Hues

Don’t be afraid of grimmer, moodier hues and jewel-toned colors this year. Blue-, purple-, and gray-based colors from a melancholy to a vivid tone are widely eye-catching in 2019.

Be open to adding these colors in the form of countertops, walls, or large pieces of furniture. However, if you have fears regarding the boldness of these colors, using them as accents will be just fine.

Make use of Issaquah Schools Foundation’s color scheme resource, for instance, on properly grouping colors to add to your interior design.

  1. Wood on Wood on Wood

You might have been taught before not to layer similar materials onto one another. However, placing wood on wood (on wood) is exciting this year.

That said, don’t be scared to add wooden furniture on wooden flooring or near wooden tables or countertops.

Let various types and colors of wood be present in your design as you wish to bring warmth and comfort into your home.

While some may try to match the variant woods in their interior design, it’s a good idea to contrast a darker wood with a lighter or painted wood for a nice balance.

  1. Electric Fireplaces

While some folks find fireplaces outdated, especially if they plan to only utilize them for aesthetic purposes, electric fireplaces are up-to-the-minute in interior design.

This is especially true when it comes to thin, elongated electric fireplaces, which look stunning in both indoor and outdoor designs. In fact, electric fireplaces can look incredibly modern in a home today.

According to the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA), electric fireplaces aren’t the most affordable type of fireplace, and they will only operate with a source of power.

However, considering many people today want a fireplace for its physical appearance rather than something they’d be using as a source of heat, many may still enjoy an electric fireplace.

  1. Foral Wallpaper

Wallpaper might seem like something your grandma might have had in her home, but floral wallpaper is certainly in style for this year.

Although wallpaper can seem like a hassle to apply (and even get rid of), removable, stick-on wallpaper is a great alternative to its more permanent counterpart. Plus, removable wallpaper is apartment-, dorm-, and rental home-friendly!

If you fear that you’ll grow tired of floral wallpaper quickly, there are alternative ways to utilize wallpaper. You can use wallpaper for an accent wall; on your ceiling; or even to line cabinets, shelves, or drawers.

  1. Black Bathrooms

Black may be a color you avoid adding to your interior design at all costs, except maybe in minimal amounts to add a bit of contrast to your space. However, black is particularly trending in bathrooms.

You might be against this idea since you’ve probably been exposed to all-white bathrooms for many years, and not to mention, you might consider white to be a “cleaner” color.

However, using black or charcoal brings a relaxing SPA sensation to your home bathroom. Add some romantic candles, plants or flowers, colorful towels, and natural lighting to offset the darker hue.

  1. Abstract-shaped Kitchen Islands

Square or rectangle kitchen islands are surely better than having nothing, but abstract-shaped kitchen islands are even hotter than their simple geometric counterparts.

Abstract islands bring a different feel to a kitchen, and their unique shape will certainly draw all eyes toward the center of the kitchen no matter its color or size.

  1. Light Wood Flooring

Normally, most of us would probably select a darker wood when it comes to our flooring, but light wood flooring in blonde or light gray tones is coming back in style.

Lighter-colored flooring is especially beautiful in farmhouse-style homes or any design that needs a counterbalance for the darker colors present in its space.

Lighter-colored flooring makes for a great opportunity to opt for darker wall colors or a large, vibrant-colored rug.

  1. Smart Appliances

If you happen to be looking for new appliances this year, you might want to opt for smart appliances with Wi-Fi and other special features, which are incredibly trendy right now.

From an LED touchscreen microwave to voice assistant systems like Alexa or Google Home, there are numerous smart appliances that might pique your interest.

  1. Hidden Storage

With the tiny home, minimalistic home trend, it’s no wonder that hidden storage solutions are cutting edge right now, even for larger homes.

Even if you’re in love with massive walk-in closets and a large attic or basement for storage, the idea behind hidden storage is to find ways to conserve space while being innovative in where and how these storage solutions play out.

Hidden storage can come in many different sizes, shapes, and locations. For instance, hidden storage can come in the form of secret compartments walls or stairs, a hallowed chamber underneath furniture cushions, in a cavity behind a mirror that opens up like a door, or within special architectural elements.

  1. Bold Backsplashes

White, horizontal subway tile was great while it lastest as it offered simplicity and gave a timeless feel to both traditional and modern kitchens, but bold backsplashes are hot right now.

Backsplashes with bold colors, glitter, mirror finishes, or a fun print will give your kitchen that added kick it needs to take it to the next level.

If you must keep your subway tile backsplash, either paint the tiles or re-install them in a chevron, diagonal, or vertical arrangement to give them greater relevance for the year 2019.


Sometimes it’s hard to admit when it’s time to let things go. Even when we can admit it, actually letting those things go isn’t as easy as admitting it’s time to move on. However, when your interior design is old, dated, and simply isn’t working for you the way it used to, it’s time to consider freshening things up a little.

Fortunately, giving your property new life doesn’t necessarily have to be as time-consuming, expensive, or as difficult as you might imagine. From adding floral wallpaper or a bold backsplash to opting for comfortable seating and moody hues in your interior design, there are endless ways to ensure your home is beautiful, cozy, and up-to-date all at once.

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