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What is Design Thinking and Why is It So Popular?

Some of the biggest brands in the world, such as Google, GE, Samsung, and Apple have all opted to make use of the design thinking method, and this method has been taught in the top universities worldwide, including MIT and Harvard. But what does design thinking mean and what makes it so popular?

Image -What is Design Thinking and Why is It So Popular
What is Design Thinking and Why Is It So Popular?

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What is Design Thinking?

Design thinking can be defined as being both a process and an ideology that deals with providing solutions to complicated problems in an effective way. It is used for solving problems in a creative and practical way.

Design thinking depends heavily on the processes and methods used by designers and people in different fields of life – such as engineering, business and architecture. The method of design thinking can be used in all fields – not just design specific areas.

Design thinking forces businesses to focus on their clients, which leads to the creation of better products and services. When an organization sits down to create a solution to a need, the first question they should ask is how that will be useful for the customers.

By making use of design thinking, individuals are creating solutions that are most desirable to humans with what is viable economically and feasible technologically. It makes it possible for people who have no training as designers to make use of creative resources to take care of various challenges.

This process begins with understanding the situation and taking the right actions. It is about being flexible with thoughts and handling situations from a different point of view.

What are the Benefits of Design Thinking?

  • It makes it possible for businesses to learn fast
  • It creates not just incremental solutions, but also revolutionary solutions
  • It lowers the risk linked with implementing new ideas
  • It can help a team provide solutions for clients

Phases of Design Thinking:

Today, there are several design thinking variants, and they are all made up of five phases – which are all similar. The phases are as follows:

  • Empathy – Involves having an insight on the needs of people the design is for
  • Definition – Understanding the needs, problems and insights of the clients
  • Ideation – Coming up with a lot of ideas
  • Prototyping – Creating solutions
  • Experimentation – Making use of prototyping to test those ideas

It is important to know that these phases are sequential most of the time. It is not required for them to abide by a particular order – they can be parallel to each other and also repetitive.

The phases should not be understood as a hierarchical process, rather, study it as an overview of the processes that lead to an innovative project.

Why Design Thinking is So Popular Today?

In the past few decades, it has become necessary to come up with skills that allow people to understand and rapidly act on changes in our society. The world today is more complex and interconnected; design thinking, therefore, offers a method of coming to terms with this rapid change in a manner which is centred on humans.

There are some problems referred to as ill-defined’ that design professionals make use of design thinking to solve because the methods can reframe such problems in a way which is human-centric. This gives designers the chance to focus on what is more important for all users.

By making use of design thinking, it becomes possible to think outside the box and to dig deep into providing solutions to problems. It makes it possible for designers to make the right research, come up with prototypes and test services and products to create new methods of meeting the needs of users.

Every day, design thinking makes the world around us much better due to its ability to create effective solutions. It is more than a process – it creates room to think and have a method of applying this new thinking mindset.

image - Design Thinking Interior Design

How You Can Make Use of Design Thinking in Interior Design for Homes?

When it comes to interior designers they realise the importance of implementing design thinking into their work. The need to approach their interior design projects with an alternative mindset each time in order to not only amaze their customers but also to stay ahead of recent trends and compete in a highly saturated market.

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