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10 Design Tips to Decorate Music Rooms or Studios

For music enthusiasts, music studio is the most vital thing after their instruments. A room where they can practice their music, concentrate, and relax as well.

But creating a music room doesn’t mean just stuffing an ordinary room with various musical instruments.

If you are thinking of converting your room into a music room this way, then it might not work well.

image - 10 Design Tips to Decorate Music Rooms or Studios
10 Design Tips to Decorate Music Rooms or Studios

When it comes to transforming an ordinary room into a music studio, you need to re-design it from top to bottom. I have gathered some tips that can aid you in decorating your music room.

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1. Location Selection

The first and foremost thing for a music room is its location. A music room must be free of external interruption so, select a place in your house where no one disturbs you.

Basement and garage are the best locations for creating a music studio. You can also use a room at the rear of the house if your house has no basement or garage.

A room at the back of the house is better as it is away from the interruptions of other family members.

2. Add Sound Absorption

The sound-absorption technique insulates the room and absorbs unwanted sounds. Noise and echoing sound can cause a lot of disruption in your practice and music recording.

Sound absorbing objects, absorb the noise and boosts the acoustics and clarity of the sound in your music room.

The following things will not only make your room echo-free but also improve the outlook of your music room.

  • Rugs
  • Wooden floors
  • Concrete walls
  • Heavy curtains or honey-combed shades;
  • Acoustic ceiling tiles;
  • Upholster chairs and couches.

All these objects muffled the excessive sound and improve the acoustics of your music studio.

3. Using Soundproofing Materials

Another important thing that your music room must-have is soundproofing objects. A music room is a quite loud place as it is used for practice as well as for recording music, it might be annoying for other members of your house.

Soundproofing will restrict the sound within the music studio and your other family members can stay comfortably. This will also aid in removing external noise.

You can use various materials for soundproofing. Some of the most common soundproofing materials are:

  • The acoustic foam also called studio foams are good for soundproofing as they efficiently absorb sound. It can be applied to walls or hang from ceilings.
  • Acoustic panels and boards not only decorate your music room but also act as a soundproofing material.
  • Acoustic coatings and acoustic fabric are also good for soundproofing.

4. Strong Color Scheme

The color scheme is essential in improving the outlook of your music studio. It also boosts your skills, as the atmosphere has a significant impact on the functioning of your brain.

Vibrant colors like red, orange, yellow, and green look quite inspirational. Gray, blue, and violet also look good and render an elegant look to your music studio.

5. Light Optimization

Extremely bright light doesn’t look pleasant in your music studio. An optimized light will be sufficient for it.

You can also use the floor or hanging lamps for illuminating a music studio. Metallic lamps also look enchanting with strongly-colored walls.

Spotlights, LED lights in the false ceilings, mini-crystal chandeliers, and floor globes are also a good choice. Such lighting will enhance your mood and you can perform better.

6. Furnishing the Room

When it comes to furnishing your music room, use the styles which match well with your music style. Use furniture that inspires you and improves your artistic ability.

You can use upholstered chairs and sofas as they are comfortable and are good sound absorbers.

Musician seats should be well-cushioned and should be height adjustable for foot comfort. Don’t use cheap plastic furniture as it would be uncomfortable and give a nasty look to your music studio.

Laminate wooden flooring makes your music studio elegant. You can add a stage for group performances and rehearsals.

7. Investing In High-Quality Speakers

Your music room will be incomplete without speakers. For this, you certainly need high-quality speakers for your music studio.

Installing the best quality speakers is not too expensive and not much difficult as well. AND you can buy the best center channel speakers at an affordable cost.

Polk Audio T30, M-Audio BX5 D3, Definitive Technology Procenter 1000, Mackie Studio Monitor, Edifier R1280T, and KRK RP5G3 ROKIT 5 G3 are the best studio speakers that provide high-quality sound and are budget-friendly.

If you are addicted to watching movies or playing games on a big screen in your studio or music rooms then you must need to install a big screen and with that, you can’t miss a projector.

To get the best projector within your budget, just check out this article. Even some studios recommend to have a projector installed.

8. Accessorize the Music Room

Improving the outlook of the music room can’t be possible without adding accessorize. There are various gadgets that you can add to your music room.

These include a headphone stand, speaker stand, keyboard holder, and cable holder to manage your music room and increase the space. You can also add a DJ controller if you are fond of sound mixing experiments.

On the other hand, you can invest in microphones and microphone holders. Buying a high-quality music recording system is also a fruitful investment.

9. Invest In Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are the most essential part of a music studio. You must buy some high-quality musical instruments for your music studio.

Your music studio will be incomplete without a big piano, a drum set, and guitars. You can add other musical instruments depending on your music style.

10. Wall Decoration

Wall decoration plays a vital role in creating a professional music studio. Enchanting sceneries and matted posters of your favorite artists form an inspirational theme. Hanging vinyl records on the wall is also a good idea.

The mounting guitar also boosts the environment of your music studio. Adding lights on the back wall of your stage also looks superb.

Adding inspirational quotes on the wall will not only energize you but also boosts your skills. Installing bookshelves on a wall not only decore the wall but also act as a reflecting surface to prevent excessive sound absorption.

Creating a music room or a music studio is not difficult. You can easily create one at your house. All you need is a proper theme, inspirational decoration, and a few other elements.

Apply the above-mentioned designing tips and transform your regular room into a real music studio. Create your music room and have fun.

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