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7 Most Common Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

It’s easy to get excited when designing a home or a room. You tend to get overboard with design ideas and you tend to buy things you which you don’t really end up using at all.

Designing a brand new home or re-decorating a room is therapeutic but it is a lot of work to do. Experts invest time to plan the designs and make it happen. Even if you want to DIY your home design, it is still important to read and ask for expert’s opinion.

Hugo and Boo has designed and refurbished a lot of homes into luxurious living spaces, taking into consideration the budget, the size, and the location.

In Knightsbridge alone, one of London’s residential and retail area, there are actually a lot homes transformed by the company. Renovation and minor house refurbishments in Knightsbridge can be challenging because of the many luxurious developments in the area and because of the various demands from clients.

Our team of interior designers have noted the common mistakes many people (usually clients) make when it comes to designing and renovations and below are their tips on how to avoid it. Read below.

7 Most Common Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

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Selecting the Wall Color First Before Buying Furnitures
Photo via home4rt.com

Selecting the Wall Color First Before Buying Furnitures

We often pick the colors of each of the rooms in the house first before we decide to buy the furnitures. We often match the furnitures we buy with the colors of the wall.

According to interior designers though, it is much easier to select a wall color that will complement the color of the furnishing that making the furnishing match the colors of the wall. Unless you are sticking to the basic white and gray, then this is the easier way to go.

Sticking to Just One Theme
Photo via homeridian.com

Sticking to Just One Theme

A minimalist look is impressive and neat however, overmatching is also one of the common mistakes in interior design as it tends to make a space look dull and boring.

Look for coordinated pieces but add a simple touch of contract to balance out the space. In a living room example, throw pillows are great in adding contrasts to a plain colored couch.

Unbalanced Lightning
Photo via homify.co.uk

Unbalanced Lightning

Lightning should be given importance too when it comes to designing a home. While most think that a simple ceiling light can do the trick of illuminating a certain room, according to experts, this is actually wrong.

There are different types of lighting and they have different purposes, depending on what room needs it. Apart from ceiling light, a room also needs a mid-level lightning for simple tasks or simply for relaxation purposes cause you would not want a bright light when you are trying to relax after a long day.

Too Many Accessories
Photo via brandalley.co.uk

Too Many Accessories

It is good to have accessories for design purposes but too much of it can mean cluttered space. Try to have a good ba

lance of accessories to enhance the overall look of a space but be sure to stick to the theme. Don’t overdo it with too much artworks or too much display at once.

Following the Latest Trend
Photo via decoist.com

Following the Latest Trend

It’s easy to follow the latest in home decorations but the thing is — it is constantly changing. You are going to spend a lot if you stick to trendy pieces that will go out of style after just a couple of months. Interior designers advice to but timeless pieces that never go out of style.

Should you want to follow a trend, stick to buying simple accessories like pillow covers and some easy to replace ornaments. This way, you won’t have to go overboard.

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