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A Guide on Different Types of Period Style Home

Period style homes are architectural style and design of homes constructed in a particular period. Each period has its own and unique style of architecture.

Period style homes tend to take us back to that ambience and environment of that particular period. If you are an architectural fan, you will definitely like the period style homes.

A Guide on Different Types of Period Style Home
Different Types of Period Style Home

A Guide on Different Types of Period Style Home

With the change in time, there was a gradual shift in the architectural designs of homes in each period. In this informative piece, we will discuss the different styles of period home.

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  • The Tudor Period Style Home (1480 – 1603)

The houses of this period are characterized by classic black and white woodwork. They reflect the essence of Old England with steeply pitched roofs and small-paned casement windows. The layout of the houses was E or L shaped.

They had tall narrow windows and doors with wooden floors which were again covered by rush matting. The decorative designs in the house were the famous Tudor rose, thistle and fleur-de-lys. The furniture used in the houses was made of oak and the beds were of the four-poster.

  • The Stuart Period Style Home (1603 – 1714)

With a gradual shift from the Tudor period style home, the houses of the Stuart period were much more elegant and spacious. The Stuart period style home marked the beginning of the trend for terraced homes with wood panelling. There were also small rooms at the top of the house which were meant for the servants.

The house had elaborate fireplaces and the ceilings were richly plastered. The rooms along with the parlours were spacious enough and in a rich person’s house, one could also notice the influence of European lifestyle and furniture.

  • The Georgian Period Style Home (1714 – 1830)

The Georgian period style home is one of the most popular architectural designs. The houses of this period flaunt the elegant exteriors along with spacious rooms and tall ceilings. The sash windows of this period were made with smaller glass pane.

There were tall windows on the first two stories, but smaller windows on the top stories. The exterior of the houses was symmetrically flat, and the interior layout of the house was a balanced one. The exteriors were stucco-fronted. The houses were built around garden squares.

Period Style Home
Period Style Home
  • The Victorian Period Style Home (1830 – 1901)

The Victorian style homes are simple in comparison to Georgian period style homes. The brickwork used is coloured and there is a high-pitched roof in the houses. The hallways are geometrically tiled and there is the inclusion of a brickwork porch. The front door is situated to the side of the façade.

The hallways are not spacious, and the windows are made of stained glasses. There is also the provision of bay windows where one can read or write. The furniture and wood floors are dark coloured. There is a fireplace in every room. The wallpapers used in the houses are of heavy floral designs.

  • The Edwardian Period Style Home (1901 – 1914)

The Edwardian period style homes are a mixture of quality workmanship and modern-day conveniences. The architecture of this period is immensely influenced by The Arts and Crafts Movement.

The houses in this period were built in a straight line and there was the use of red brickwork in the construction process. The porches were made of wooden frames and the hallways were spacious in comparison to the Victorian period style homes.

There was the use of Mock-Tudor cladding and timber at the top of the house and floors were of Parquet wood. The rooms were spacious and the room colours were brighter. The interior of the house was simply designed with handmade decorative items.

The houses of each period reflect their unique architectural designs. People today are more attracted to different period style homes. If you are willing to design your house according to a period style home, get a good home builder and discuss your plans with him. The builder will definitely build you your desired period style home with the updated modern amenities and provisions.

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