It’s great fun having pets under a roof. Pets are almost always happy, sweet and you can cuddle them. But having a dog or cat also has its drawbacks.

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6 Tips for a Clean House with Pets

Dogs and cats shed a lot of hair and they can leave an unpleasant smell in the house. That is why we have collected six tips for you so that you always have a clean house with pets.

1. Clean House with Pets: Brush your Dog or Cat Regularly

A clean house with pets can be quite a challenge, especially with all the hair they leave behind. You can control hair loss by brushing them regularly, at least twice a week.

That way you can catch the hair that would otherwise end up on the floor.

Most dogs and cats love to be petted so they usually don’t mind brushing. The hair loss of course depends on the type of coat of the pet. One dog or cat is more bothered by it than another.

2.Vacuum and/or Sweep Every Day

No matter how well you brush, there will always be some hair lying around. Cleaning up dog hair and cat hair is best done by vacuuming.

If your dog or cat is losing a lot of hair, vacuuming every day is a must.

Are you looking for a good vacuum cleaner that is suitable for pet hair? In that case, choose a vacuum cleaner with a turbo brush, high suction power, and a high cleaning class on hard floors or carpet, depending on the type of floor in your house.

The special turbo brush runs at high speed and takes all hair and dust with it.

Do you have little time or don’t feel like vacuuming? You can also sweep instead of vacuum. This allows you to quickly and easily make the floor hair-free.

3. Remove Hair With a Clothes Roller or Rubber Glove

Does your pet always know where to find the softest places in the house? There is a good chance that your carpet, seat, pillows, and clothes are covered with hair.

Fortunately, you can easily use a clothes roller for that. Just roll back and forth and all hair will stick to the roller!

If you don’t have a clothes roller at home, you can always use a rubber cleaning glove. Put on the glove and wipe the area where there are many hairs.

Soon all hair is attached to the glove and the spot is hair-free again.

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4. Keep House With Cats Clean

You can clean up cat hair with the tips above. At this point, we are going to talk about the litter box. Anyone who has a cat at home also has a litter box.

Unfortunately, a litter box can smell very bad if you don’t clean it regularly. In addition, your cat will prefer to do its things elsewhere in the house if the litter box is dirty.

You can prevent this by cleaning the litter box every day and replacing the filling. If you have enough space in the house, you can place an extra litter box elsewhere in the house.

5. How Do You Keep Your House With a Dog Clean?

Keeping your house with dogs clean is not as difficult as you think, provided you follow a few tips of course. You can clean up the dog hair with the tips above.

To keep your house with a dog clean, it is important that you clean your dog’s paws before your four-legged friend walks back in.

This will make your floor and carpet less dirty. To make it easy for yourself, you can put a doormat and an old towel by the door.

Cleaning the legs is only a minute’s work. After all, if you have to mop every time, you will spend much longer.

In addition, it is a good idea to bathe your dog once a month. That way you remove the bad smell from their hair.

In addition, a bath also removes dead hair, so that less will end up on the floor and furniture.

6. How to Remove Bad Odors From Pets

Open the windows every day so that your house can ventilate well and bad smells disappear.

Do you have bad smells on your carpet? Baking soda is your lifesaver! Baking soda is ideal to combat odors.

Drizzle the carpet with a little baking soda and let it sit for a few hours. Baking soda also removes odors. If you also burn a delicious scented candle, your room will smell wonderful again!


When you apply these tips, a clean house with pets is not that difficult. Do not forget that your pet can also be a real pet and that includes some dirt.

If you don’t feel like cleaning your house regularly, you may need to think twice before purchasing a pet.

A dog or cat is not only nice to cuddle with, it also requires some maintenance. How do you keep your house clean with a dog or cat? We are curious about your routine!