Featured of 7 Effective Ways to Soundproof Your Home

7 Effective Ways to Soundproof Your Home

Do you lack a peaceful environment in your own home due to some noise coming from outside? Or could it be the other way? I mean you may be that person who enjoys loud music when you’re indoors, but can’t do it because of the neighbors’ complaints and especially if you live in an apartment whereby the houses are close to each other.

7 Effective Ways to Soundproof Your Home

7 Effective Ways to Soundproof Your Home

7 Effective Ways to Soundproof Your Home

Well, in either case, worry no more as I am about to outline various techniques you can use to soundproof your home and enjoy your privacy.

It’s important to think about soundproofing your house during construction to avoid incurring the extra costs when you decide to do it later. Nevertheless, you can soundproof your home at any time you want even after you’ve moved in.

How Important Is It to Soundproof Your House?

If you have been a victim of being distracted by unnecessary noise in your house you probably already know how irritating it is, and so this shouldn’t be your question. It gets worse if, for example, you earn a living at the comfort of your house just like me, and so the last thing you want is to be distracted.

Again, when you come home from work, you need to rest and relax after having a long day, and so you also need a quiet and peaceful environment. For these two reasons together with the following, it is good you consider soundproofing your house.

  • Privacy

Soundproofing your home to have a private life is essential and especially to those people who live in apartment houses. Your neighbor from any side doesn’t have to hear whenever you’re rearranging your furniture or arguing with your partner.

  • Home Comfort

As the owner of your house, you are entitled to have fun in your house provided you do not bother your neighbor. So, to thoroughly enjoy that football match on your television or a movie without caring how loud your electronics are, you need to soundproof your house or even your room to avoid distracting even your kids when they’re asleep.

  • Safety and Health

Noise pollution can affect your health negatively. When you stay in a noisy compound or house for quite some time, you may end up having a headache, and also you won’t be able to rest well. Therefore, you might end up with fatigue. It can also lead to ear problems among other complications.

  • To Have a Quiet Environment

Surely, if you cannot have peace in your own house, where else can you have it? It becomes more critical when you are a mother and has an infant in the house whom you’re soothing to have a sound sleep; this may become a nightmare if your home is not soundproofed.

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Methods of Soundproofing Your House

There are various ways in which you can soundproof your home. You can even soundproof some rooms too within your home if you need some privacy also. It is, however, essential you know the direction from which the noise is coming from before you move on with the soundproofing techniques. Below is a list of what you can do to soundproof your house.

  • Floors

To avoid disturbing the people who stay downstairs, you should consider putting a carpet or a mat on your floor. Fluffy mats will soundproof your floors very well as well as the use of acoustic boards. The acoustic boards can be spread on the floor too, and are made up of soundproof materials and therefore allow little or no sound through them.

  • Windows

Have your windows made up of thick glass or a double pane glass to prevent the noise from getting into or from your house. Also, ensure you close all your houses’ windows whenever you require some privacy. One of the ways to soundproof your windows will be to use a seal all through the gaps in the window.

Soundproof the Door - 7 Effective Ways to Soundproof Your Home

Soundproof the Door (7 Effective Ways to Soundproof Your Home)

  • Doors

Some doors are soundproof while others are not. Ensure you install right soundproof doors in your house while constructing it, and if not then, you can always make a change later on if you don’t mind the cost that’s involved. It’s also good to ensure the gaps on your door locks are well sealed with a soundproof glue to prevent noise into or out of the room.

Tip: An excellent quiet door should be thick, not hollow.

  • Curtains

You can also use soundproof curtains to reduce noise coming in through your windows. These curtains are thicker than normal curtains and are exceptional in absorbing noise. Make sure that they’re long enough to hang from the roof to the floor. However, be aware that the amount of light into the room will be limited when you’re using these curtains.

Soundproof the Curtains - 7 Effective Ways to Soundproof Your Home

Soundproof the Curtains (7 Effective Ways to Soundproof Your Home)

  • Seal the Spaces

Ensure you seal all the gaps in your house by using a soundproof material such as; fiberglass. Most of these gaps are found underneath the doors and on your windows. All the same, do not forget to leave some small spaces for ventilation

  • Furniture

It goes without saying that sound will travel much easier in empty rooms. Fill your house with furniture to curb sound travel. You can also line a large dresser on the wall that you share with your neighbor to avoid distracting each other with the noise. Thick furniture is used to absorb the sound.

  • Walls and Ceiling

Soundproof your room by attaching acoustic foam panels to both your walls and on the ceiling. Foams will reduce the amplitude of the sound and by so doing, reduce the amount of noise transferred through the walls. This is especially useful if you have a recording studio at home.


Unwanted noise towards your house can come from various places apart from your neighbor’s house. It can come from children playing outside, a heavy downpour, and vehicles honking that is if your home is next to the main road or street or even from a nightclub nearby your place. So, for your peace of mind in your house, it is necessary you consider soundproofing your home using the above techniques.

Soundproofing your house will cost you money. But when you think about all the noise and the harm it could have on you and your family, such as lack of enough sleep not to mention the interruption it has on the kids even when they’re concentrating on their homework, paying for it is definitely worth it.

Author Bio

June is a stay-at-home mom who has an interest in soundproofing her house so that her family can have a peaceful day after work and school. Sometimes, it is to lower the volume when her teenage son has band practice in the garage. She blogs at A Quiet Refuge (https://aquietrefuge.com).

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