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7 Things to Consider When Replacing a Roof or Thinking About It

A homeowner looking to replace a roof in the United States today would have to part with at least $24,700. Despite this high cost of roof replacement, at least 5% of American homeowners take the financial plunge each year as their roofs crumble down.

A home is incomplete when the top is run down.

The moment your roof begins to age, the sun’s glare and drips of the rain can be scary. It would help to call in a specialist when the first tell-tale signs manifest. However, there are things to consider when replacing a roof.

image - 7 Things to Consider When Replacing a Roof or Thinking About It
7 Things to Consider When Replacing a Roof or Thinking About It

Has your roof seen better days, and you require urgent replacement? Consider these crucial points before deciding on the most suitable roof replacement expert for the job.

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  1. Cost Isn’t Everything

Home renovations can be expensive. It’s worse when you have to replace an entire roof. Even so, it would help to consider a balance between the price and the return on investment.

You should not compromise the quality of your roof in an attempt to save on costs. Be on the lookout for a fair price, which will incorporate quality roofing materials and the cost of replacement. It would also be best to confirm from the contractor that the replacement costs cover all the particulars of the project.

The roof replacement costs vary depending on the contractor, the time of the year, and the materials. Before settling on the best contractor, it would help to consider these critical factors.

  1. Consider the Nuisance of Roof Replacing

The process will be messy and noisy. Regardless of how professional the roofing contractor is, you still need to anticipate some disruptions to your normalcy.

You might need to remove any loose wall mountings, including works of art and family portraits. Further, consider parking your car some distance away from the actual project.

You might also need to have your toddlers and pets somewhere safe away from the hammering. Your yard will further require some touch-ups after the replacement of the last shingle. However, this short-term disruption is worth it, considering that the new roof can last up to 50 years.

  1. Be Keen on the Roofing Materials

Most homeowners don’t conceptualize the things to consider when replacing a roof. Such a clueless approach to roof replacement can be detrimental, considering the need to settle for roofing materials that guarantee longevity. It would help to do your research on the best roofing material options in the market before commencing the replacement process.

You’ll have a variety of options to consider when selecting a roof for your house. Even so, some specific factors should matter. Geographical location, longevity, style, and foliage form some of the issues that will affect your decision.

An asphalt roof might have a different lifespan compared to the life of a shingled roof. Such dynamics should play out when replacing your roof. Ensure that you ask questions on the most durable options before making the purchase.

  1. Stripping Away or Layering Over the Current Roof?

This question tops the list of things to consider when replacing a roof. You could either opt to strip the entire roof then replace it with a new one, or install a new layer over the old roof.

Both options have apparent tradeoffs. Replacing a new roof over the older one has its advantages, including saving on costs.

Stripping the entire roof, on the other hand, may cost you more. Nonetheless, you have the guarantee that the replaced roof will be in tip-top condition.

The downside to layering a new roof over the old one is the possibility of having other underlying structural issues underneath the old roof. Such issues include water forming in the attic. It would help to consider expert advice on which option best suits your home.

  1. Think Long-Term

Roof replacement is expensive. Once you invest in this renovation project, the expectation is that it should last a generation. As such, it would help to think about long-term solutions when considering a roof replacement.

Think about the cost of repairs and maintenance over the next 40-50 years for your selected roofing options. The focus on the long-term outcome helps ensure that you find a balance between the right materials and the cost of replacement. However, it would help if you also thought about the professionals doing the actual work.

  1. Vet Your Contractor

Some homeowners opt to go it the DIY way when replacing a roof. The option has its fair share of cons, especially if you aren’t an expert. Roof replacement is a delicate process, which might require a unique level of professionalism.

If you’re thinking about the things to consider when replacing a roof, then vetting your prospective contractors tops the list. A cheap contractor isn’t the perfect description of reliability. It would be best to consider other factors such as experience, licensing, and warranties.

  1. Read the Paperwork

A home renovation project that costs you top dollar requires a keen focus on paperwork. It would be best to have a written contract that stipulates all the agreements between you and the contractor. You would be the greatest loser if anything went wrong.

It would help to read the blueprint to the last full stop when dealing with a contractor. The devil is often in the details when signing contracts. As such, you would be safer by asking hard questions related to the agreement before signing.

Ensure that you understand every clause that touches on warranties, insurance, or permits. Such issues might affect the process of replacing an old roof if you throw caution to the wind.

These Are the Things to Consider When Replacing a Roof

As a homeowner, understanding how to tell if you need a new roof is vital. The life of a shingled roof may vary from a few years to about 50 years. Even so, knowing when it’s the right time to replace your old roof can save your property from damage and help you save a dollar or two.

Has your roof seen better days, and it’s now time to consider a replacement? There are things to consider when replacing a roof that each homeowner should ponder over. These seven things should be top of your mind when the time comes to install a new roof.

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