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7 Unique Career Opportunities in Real Estate

Real estate remains to be a greatly profitable industry, and the money to be made in real estate isn’t just reserved for big-time investors who invest in top-shelf property.

In fact, there is a variety of career paths one could take in the world of real estate not just as a great way to support your finances, but also as a legitimate and fulfilling livelihood.

Whatever your skill set may be, there’s a career in real estate that could be waiting for you. There will always be people who will look to buy and sell property, which means that work, and the profits, would rarely run dry.

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7 Unique Career Opportunities in Real Estate

The work in real estate, regardless of the job, is likewise unmatched. There’s no other industry where you get to regularly play a part in people making life-changing decisions.

Each role in the industry counts and the choice is yours as to which career opportunity best suits your preferences and your skills.

1. Commercial Real Estate Agent

One of the most common jobs in real estate is becoming a real estate agent. However, becoming a real estate agent isn’t confined to selling houses in the suburbs.

Another exciting venture that real estate agents can take part in is representing buyers and sellers of commercial properties.

The properties that commercial real estate agents engage in are those that are related to businesses. As a commercial real estate agent, you’re tasked with finding properties for business expansion or selling business properties for profit.

The job isn’t limited to just evaluating properties but also involves a financial and analytic aspect.

Commercial real estate agents are likewise expected to determine whether or not a decision to buy or sell real estate will pay off for a business. This is why commercial real estate agents can earn twice the amount that residential agents earn.

2. Real Estate Investor

If you have the money to spare and you have an eye for developing properties and making them more desirable for tenants, real estate investing can pay off really well for you.

Real estate investors basically purchase properties with the goal of improving these properties in order to rent them out to tenants or to resell them at a higher price.

Unlike the other jobs here, real estate investing need not take up much of your time, as you generally earn passive income as an investor.

Investing in real estate is a great way for people to diversify their sources of income and to grow the money that they have saved.

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3. Property Manager

Investors in rental properties still need to ensure that the property is well taken care of, but not all investors prefer to spend their time that way. This is where property managers come into the picture.

Property managers are tasked with taking care of the financial and physical well-being of a property. The job entails making sure that tenants are safe, and are satisfied with the property.

Great people and managerial skills are required in order to ensure that all the affairs of a property are running smoothly.

4. Leasing Agent

It’s quite common nowadays, especially for young people who are just setting foot in the real world, to rent properties first before earning enough to actually buy a house. Leasing agents connect rental property owners to these potential tenants.

In this job, you’re expected to have great communication skills in order to relay the concerns of both sides and to close a deal that will benefit all the parties involved, yourself included.

5. Real Estate Broker

Becoming a real estate broker may be looked at as the next step for real estate agents. Generally, real estate agents work for a brokerage, where they can be connected to clients.

Brokers can either work independently or establish their own brokerage.

It is usually required for brokers to have prior experience as real estate agents before they can be licensed, especially considering that becoming a broker is one of the best ways to increase your earnings as an agent.

6. Home Inspector

Before buying or selling a property, it’s essential for a buyer or a seller to ensure that the property is in proper condition. This involves a lot of dirty work that not everyone is willing and skilled enough to do.

Home inspectors are tasked with meticulously examining properties in order to find defects and issues that need fixing.

Since their job is one of the most critical in real estate, home inspectors must have sufficient knowledge on areas such as plumbing, electricity, and construction in order to succeed at the job.

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7. Real Estate Marketing Specialist

Every industry needs creatives, and real estate is no exception. Marketing specialists are essential in order for real estate agencies and property sellers to get their names out there.

Without a marketing specialist, it can be challenging to find buyers for a property.

Marketing is often the first link between a buyer and a seller, which makes creative and effective marketing crucial when looking to maximize profits in the real estate industry.