When we start talking about tiles, it almost hypnotizes us and takes us in a different world altogether, a world with an array of colors, patterns, styles, finishes, and of course, textures.

You may think that tiles can make any space look contemporary, which they do, but actually, tiles can also help you add that vintage or traditional look to your space.

Remember those brick red and brownish floors. All those hues can be recreated by using tiles, which are sturdier and easier to maintain than traditional materials like brick and cement.

Terracotta tiles can help you give that vintage look to your space and add special grace and charm. Such a combination of looks and sturdiness will indeed be difficult to find!

image - Add a Rustic Touch to Your Abode with Terracotta Color Tiles

Add a Rustic Touch to Your Abode with Terracotta Color Tiles

The word Terracotta has been borrowed from the Italian language, and it means ‘baked earth’. These tiles belong to the ceramic family.

The definition refers to tiles that are created from a specific porous and easily shaped clay with high iron content that gives the tiles their characteristic reddish-brown color.

Being fired at a relatively low temperature (600 to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit), the surface of terracotta tiles remains porous unless it is glazed. Having the natural earth color, terracotta is a very natural-looking stone for households.

Terracotta tiles are an easily available and affordable option. Orientbell brings to you the widest range of terracotta tiles that add a unique earthy vibe to your home and office spaces.

Here are some of the features and tips about terracotta tiles that you should know about so that your buying decision becomes simple.

1. Natural Beauty

Terracotta tiles are the best option for those who want to give their home a classic and natural look. The earthen color of these tiles can add that bright red color to the floors or walls and a contrasting look can be easily created using these tiles.

That natural tile color and material give the home a very rustic and traditional look. Terracotta tiles can enable you to make your home look contemporary while giving it the classic touch!

2. Durability

Considering the fact that you wouldn’t want to spend on tiles every now and then, you should make sure that you zero down on the most durable options.

Terracotta tiles are known for their strength and longevity. Natural terracotta material, on the other hand, maybe difficult to procure and may not give the required durability to your setup.

3. Low-density Versus High-density Tiles

If we talk about the variants, terracotta tiles are categorized as high-density or low-density, though the manufacturers usually talk about the “high-density” variant.

The simple reason for selecting high-density terracotta tiles over its low-density variant is their increased resistance to cracking and damage.

This makes them the perfect choice for heavy-use areas. Low-density terracotta is more porous, which makes it a poor choice for wet areas or areas prone to stains, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

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4. Colour Variations

Terracotta tiles are made out of clay, the color of which varies and depends on the location and type of water in that particular zone.

Typically, terracotta tiles can range from yellow to dark brown, with a wide range of reddish hues between the extremes. This means you have a variety of colors to choose from within the terracotta range.

5. Bedrooms Redefined with Terracotta

Terracotta tiles are mostly used either in classic kitchens or in central backyards, courtyards, and outdoor spaces to give them a more captivating and natural look. However, the application of these gorgeous tiles in the bedroom cannot be ignored.

They can elegantly turn them into a cozy, relaxing, and enchanting personal space. The style of your bedroom can be defined the way you wish it to. Adding that soft touch will never be an issue, and they even work well in a minimal bedroom when used in the right fashion.

6. Glazed versus Unglazed

Just like most of the tiles from the ceramic family, terracotta can be glazed or unglazed. Glazing is essentially a process by which a glass-like surface finish is bonded to the clay tile during the second firing process.

It is through this process that the standard ceramic tiles obtain their color, through dyes that are blended with the glazing material. The process also creates a waterproof surface, making the tiles resistant to water and stains.

However, in the case of terracotta, the glazing doesn’t work quite well. When it is applied to terracotta, it hides the beauty of the earthen colors of the tile due to which consumers may not get the actual terracotta color.

However, hand-glazed or hand-painted terracotta tiles can provide some balance of appearance and function to the consumer. Hand-glazed or hand-painted terracotta allows the natural shade of the tile to be retained, while also boosting its stain- and water-resistant qualities.

7. Machine-cut versus Handmade Terracotta Tiles

When buying terracotta floor tiles, machine-cut or handmade terracotta are two options available. Machine-cut tiles are produced by a factory-based process that fires, cuts and offloads terracotta tiles into precise, computer-guided geometric forms.

Handmade terracotta is just like an art form, which is made by an imprecise method that produces pieces with slight irregularities. The machine-cut tiles give exact geometric shapes that look more consistent and are easier in application and grouting, while handmade tiles give a more natural look.

While these handcrafted tiles enhance the indigenous earthen appeal of the material, they come out to be costlier and their application process may be more difficult because of the slight irregularities.

8. Give Me Red

If we talk about the best placement for these terracotta tiles, you can literally paint your whole house red. These tiles look most beautiful on staircases, bedrooms, balconies and have the ability to give a subtle charm to your space in no time.

This material is a great choice for any rustic or natural settings, as well as log cabin style decors. It is a perfect choice for living rooms and enclosed porches. Warmer than stone or glazed ceramic, terracotta is also perfect for a hearth-and-home or earth-tone decor.​

Terracotta tiles can be used in some limited outdoor applications, but not in extreme climatic conditions.

Terracotta tiles work perfectly for climates that have a balance of heat and cold. They are not suitable for outdoor application in very cold zones, since the water will be absorbed into the terracotta material and can freeze and cause cracks in the tiles. Very hot climates are also not suitable for these.

Add your signature style to your decor by using terracotta tiles in a suitable manner.