Featured of The Various Kinds of Wall Tiles You Must Know About

The Various Kinds of Wall Tiles You Must Know About

Looking to foster a colorful and lively environment? Well, painting the walls is not the only option. To create impressive interiors and beautiful bathrooms, you may have to settle for the wall tiles. The tiles are available in different colors and are found in classic and modern styles. They are available in various textures, styles, and designs. You may choose from a variety of tiles to create eye-catching interiors.

The Various Kinds of Wall Tiles You Must Know About

Various Kinds of Wall Tiles You Must Know About

The Various Kinds of Wall Tiles You Must Know About

The use of tiles is not just restricted to kitchen or bathroom. You may have a tiled wall in your living room and dining room to impress the guests. The depth and texture that Delora Porcelain panels can give are simply unbeatable. They can never be attained through wall painting. Similarly, the look of the brick-stone porcelain can never fail to impress.

Textures move deep and create a high level of interest in the kitchen. Wall tiles are also easy to maintain. Tiles usually come in a square shape but might carry interlocking shapes and patterns. Unglazed ceramic tiles can carry rounded edges or a special border. Heat-resistant and special purpose tiles are available as well. It is easy to fix up tiles. You may either do it on your own or ask a professional to do so.

Cork Wall Tiles and The Features

There are various kinds of wall tiles. Not only the tile material but also the pattern of the tiles matters a lot. Cork tiles are made up of a bark of cork tree prepared in thin panels. It can be 300mm square in length and then 3mm in width. Cork tiles are a popular option due to the warm surface and for the fact that it may be cleaned easily. There is special kind of adhesive meant for only fixing cork tiles. The surface needs to be scaled for easy cleaning.

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Metallic Tiles Are Also Popular Wall Tiles

Among so many types of wall tiles, metallic tiles are a popular option. Made from the sheets of metals, the tiles carry hollow back. They make use of self-adhesive pads for easy fixing onto the walls. Extremely thin metallic sheets may even be cut with scissors.

Then, it may even be bent to the desired shape. When it comes to the color of the tiles, you may choose from gold, silver, brass, and platinum. Finishing of the tiles can be glossy, Matt or semi-glossy. Durability varies from company to company. Look for durable tiles as the surface might get damaged under the impact of abrasive cleaner.

Mirror Tiles Are Popular Option

Mirror tiles are square shaped silver glasses. They may be 230 mm square or 152 mm square piece. You have options like smoke grey, silver, and bronze in mirror tiles. To decorate small areas including alcoves, you can use them. They use self-adhesive pads for fixing up.

Mirror Tiles Are Popular Option - The Various Kinds of Wall Tiles You Must Know About

Mirror Tiles Are Popular Option (The Various Kinds of Wall Tiles You Must Know About)

Man-made Stone and Brick Tiles

Stone tiles and brick tiles are man-made simulations of the real stone. The pieces of such tiles may be wafer-thin. This kind of tile is stuck to the walls with the use of a special adhesive. They are available in various colors, shapes, and finishes.

Mosaics or Ceramic Tiles

Mosaics are thin ceramic tiles having a square shape. It may also be availed in an interlocking and round shapes if you want. The reason for its popularity is that the surface is hard wearing and the tiles are easy to clean. But, grouting may get marked with the passage of time. The best part about it is that you can cut the mosaic in whatever shape and specification you want.

Quartz tiles are an appealing option for wall tiles. They suit walls, floors and kitchen countertops well. Choose the tiles as per the interior. It is better to choose non-porous tiles. Contact your nearest local tile dealer to know about the available options.

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