Featured of Creative Attic Design Ideas to Take Your Space Way beyond Storage

Creative Attic Design Ideas to Take Your Space Way Beyond Storage

In the best-case scenario, the attic is used for storing away all those things you wish to keep out of sight. However, this space offers a plethora of creative ideas that can transform it into the most stunning room in your house.

Creative Attic Design Ideas to Take Your Space Way beyond Storage

Creative Attic Design Ideas to Take Your Space Way beyond Storage

Creative Attic Design Ideas to Take Your Space Way Beyond Storage

Furthermore, the attic transformation is a profitable home improvement project that will help you increase your home’s usable space and boost its value on the market. Thus, if you’ve been thinking about reinventing your attic space, you should dive into the world of charming design ideas.

Escape from the World to A Cosy Attic Bedroom

If you need your own personal retreat, you can transform your attic into a cosy bedroom sanctuary. It can be also used as a guest bedroom if you’re not planning to change your current room. Either way, the attic is the perfect spot for an additional bedroom because its low ceiling adds to the cosiness of the space.

Cosy Attic Bedroom

Cosy Attic Bedroom

Hardwood floors and a wood roof structure can fill the space with a feeling of warmth and comfort, especially when combined with soft fabrics used for rugs, sheets and cushions. Subtle lighting will also create an ambience of cosiness while natural light that comes through skylights or roof windows will make the attic room seem open, spacious and airy. If the ceiling is too low, you can always transform the attic into a playful kids’ room.

Create a Home within Your Home

A spacious attic provides you with an opportunity to extend your home significantly by turning it into another living space. This can be a highly practical solution if you have elderly parents living with you or if your children are students who need more privacy.

You can use room dividers to create different zones if you want to maintain an open floor plan that connects your kitchen, living room and dining room. You’ll need to check the ventilation system, wire electricity and deal with plumbing.

However, if you ever decide to sell your home, this will increase its value significantly. Renting this home in your home will also bring you another source of income, providing you with an opportunity to recoup your investment.

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Boost Your Productivity in A Private Home Office

Working from home has a major drawback – you’re constantly surrounded with distractions. However, transforming your attic into your private home office will give you all the peace and quiet you need. You can organise your workspace according to your needs and style, decorate it with inspiring artwork and create an office that will truly motivate you to work.

Private Home Office

Private Home Office

However, when designing your attic home office, make sure to pay attention to several important factors, such as lighting, organisation, ergonomics, functionality, etc., because they can affect your overall productivity. Furthermore, you should make sure that it features a comfortable and pleasant work environment.

Attics can get quite hot during summer, which will make it difficult for you to work there for longer periods of time. Thus, you should install an AC unit to keep your attic temperature at an appropriate level. If space is small, you can go with an effective Frigidaire mini-split AC system that can be easily installed and that won’t take up too much space.

In addition, these units offer you control over the temperature for this particular room, unlike other units that have one thermostat for the entire home. This might seem irrelevant, but it actually enables you to save money on energy by turning this unit off when you’re not in your home office while keeping the rest of your home cool and comfortable.

Get Your Daily Zen in A Meditation Room

Those who practice meditation or yoga know how important it is to have a private corner where you can focus on the present moment and get in touch with your inner self. If you enjoy practising yoga or want to become more mindful in your life, you can turn your attic into your own peaceful retreat.

Meditation Room

Meditation Room

The beauty of yoga and meditation rooms lies in their simplicity and subtlety, so you won’t need much to design such a serene area in your attic. A subtle, neutral colour scheme will set the tone for your meditation room while plants will fill it with a natural vibe. Dim lighting, scented candles and calming tunes will also create an atmosphere of peacefulness.

Finally, you’ll also need a yoga mat for your sessions and some additional pieces of equipment depending on your personal practice.

Using your attic as a dusty storage room is a waste of space, especially if you consider how many creative ideas there are for its transformation. Thus, you should consider undertaking this home improvement project because it will provide you with numerous benefits, from increased usable space to boosted home value.

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