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Work From the Comfort of Your House: 5 Ways to Bring Office in Your Living Room

Have you ever thought of bringing the office to home? If yes, then bring out the creativity, put a little effort, and you are all set to work in your home office!

Work From the Comfort of Your House: 5 Ways to Bring Office in Your Living Room
Work From the Comfort of Your House: 5 Ways to Bring Office in Your Living Room

Working from the comfort of your space is exciting, but the casual ambiance of the home hampers the productivity of the work.  Also, it impedes the efficiency of doing things swiftly. However, to work professionally, you have to disconnect yourself from the on-going things and interruptions of the home.

5 Ways to Bring Office in Your Living Room

But, will you construct an extra full-room for office work?

Well, you don’t have to! Your living room can become the office space. Have a look at the ideas to make your living room a perfect productive workplace:

But Before Ask Yourself:

  • What you have to do in the office? Is it a paper/file work or a craft work!
  • Will the clients be visiting your home office?
  • Will there be colleagues for collaborative work?
  • What kind of workstation you world need?

The First Thing, Change the Layout of the Room

The most important thing to make your living space an office place is to bring in some formal furniture and say goodbye to all casual and chunky things. To do the job, shift the sofa to the longest wall and bring your workstation to another side. This will open the space at the center of the room, making you feel airy than cramped.

Add a table lamp and an office chair at the workplace for a more professional look. Moreover, if you are up late at night, bring-on comfortable lift chairs or perfect sleep chairs to work with ease.

Small Room! Make Use of Nooks

If you have a small living room, make every nook counts. Place your work table at the corner like a place directly at the side of the window or perhaps at the side of the fireplace, to make it your ideal spot for a mini office.

Small Living Room - 5 Ways to Bring Office in Your Living Room
Small Living Room (5 Ways to Bring Office in Your Living Room)

Pair the worktable with a comfortable chair, and you will have a fuss-free arrangement that will blend nicely with the room. Plus, this trick will not eat up much space in the room making you work efficiently.

Incorporate Standing Workstation

Don’t have enough room for an extra table, install a standing workstation. Not only a standing desk will save space, but it will also keep you healthy.

Ideally sitting all time burns only a few calories leading to a high chance of obesity and weight gain. However, a stand-up desk will allow you to stand up comfortably while working. Also, these workstations reduce the risk back pain that most office workers suffer. Nevertheless, if you want to sit down, just pull up the stool or high-level chair.

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A Mini-Desk

Sometimes, all you need is a dedicated work table and a chair. So, instead of having a full, wider office desk, incorporate a small mini desk and work with ease. Use a simple round table or a square table and place it at the corner of the room. Bring your laptop and start working. For extra work-related supplies, use the wall behind the desk or have a basket to keep files.

These small desks are also great for living spaces that have too much furniture.

Divide and Work

If you have a large living room, carve out some space and place your desk on it. Use curtains or perhaps a simple rug underneath the desk to delineate it from the room. If you are using curtains, avoid the see-through ones as you might feel disturbed when working. Also, make sure of installing proper lighting.

Use Shelves As Working Spot

If you are tight on the space, don’t make a fuss by incorporating dividing curtains, or rug or even having a work table. Just insert some shelves on the walls and work from them. Compact wall shelving will provide you with the space to keep your laptop and other supplies. Carve shelves in stair format, one above another, to put extra office accessories. Wall shelves will not only add style but is also quite functional when not in use as a workstation.

Tempted with the ideas? Try them in your living room and work with ease.

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