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7 Advantages of Ready-Mix Concrete Compared to Its Traditional Counterpart

Concrete is a mixture of crushed rock, sand, or gravel that’s mixed with water. When it dries, the mix forms a robust material ideal for construction projects of all shapes and sizes.

image - 7 Advantages of Ready-Mix Concrete Compared to Its Traditional Counterpart
7 Advantages of Ready-Mix Concrete Compared to Its Traditional Counterpart

Traditionally, workers had to mix cement by hand at the construction site. However, ready-mix concrete changed how contractors ordered and handled this popular material.

It’s prepared at a batching plant and sent directly to customers. Here are the many advantages ready-mix concrete has to offer.

1. Reliable Delivery

Contractors know the importance of being on time. However, they can’t always meet deadlines if they spend too much time ordering concrete aggregates and mixing by hand.

Buying ready-mix concrete from a concrete sales management company ensures construction sites can obtain large quantities in a timely manner. Ready-mix is made to order and shipped directly to the construction site.

It’s ideal for projects in congested urban cities or hard-to-reach rural areas. There’s no need for extra supplies, and large storage facilities are a thing of the past.

2. Less Waste

There’s nothing worse than tossing out perfectly good cement, but that frequently happens with traditional concrete. Contractors would often mix too much product, and lots of it would get wasted in the process.

That’s why the demand for ready-mix suppliers has skyrocketed. Ready-mix concrete reduces cement waste. Suppliers prepare the mixture at a specialized plant using precise measurements.

They can make as much or as little as needed to complete the project without wasting any raw materials. The benefit alone saves construction companies a lot of money each year.

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3. Eco-Friendly

More people than ever realize the importance of reducing their carbon footprint. The construction industry alone accounts for 38% of carbon dioxide emissions.

Manually mixing traditional cement produces a lot of dust emissions. Too much dust pollutes local water supplies and increases smog levels.

Switching to ready-mix concrete is better for the planet. The manufacturing process mitigates greenhouse gases emissions and reduces how much dust gets released into the atmosphere.

4. Efficient

Mixing concrete was once a long, laborious process. Contractors had to allow extra time to complete even the smallest projects. Ready-mix concrete is a lot more efficient.

Since a specialized plant handles all the mixing, construction companies only need to hire skilled workers to pour and finish the concrete.

Making the switch can also improve a company’s bottom line by helping to save time, energy, and resources.

5. Consistency

Hand mixing traditional cement requires a lot of supervision to maintain a consistent appearance. Subtle changes in the preparation can lead to inconsistencies in color or texture.

Ready-mix concrete, on the other hand, is a highly consistent material. Every order is manufactured to meet specific quality controls, ensuring fewer variations between batches. Contractors can expect uniform results at every job site.

6. Versatility

Ready-mix concrete is a highly versatile material. Contractors can mold it into any shape or form imaginable. It’s ideal for columns, pillars, sculptures, sidewalks, and driveways.

Suppliers can even add chemicals to enhance the color or porosity of the material. The possibilities are endless!

7. Lower Life-Cycle Cost

Although the initial price to buy ready-mix concrete is often higher than its traditional counterpart, contractors will likely see a bigger return on their investment.

Ready-mix concrete has an overall lower life-cycle cost analysis. It’s incredibly durable and has a longer service life, making the material more affordable in the long run.

Just Add Water to Save Time and Money

Ready-mix concrete has become the gold standard in the construction industry. It saves time, reduces labor, and creates a beautiful end product.

The benefits of this innovative material are difficult to ignore. Try incorporating ready-mix concrete in your upcoming project to see why so many contractors have already made the switch.