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Advantages of Using Ready Mix Concrete in Building

Concrete is perhaps the single most important component of the construction industry. As a matter of fact, concrete makes 20%-60% of the total costs for constructing the building.

You need to know that the quality and ingredients in ready-mix concrete used in construction have an impact on the durability and strength of the structure.

image - Advantages of Using Ready Mix Concrete in Building
Advantages of Using Ready Mix Concrete in Building

This is where ready mix concrete Essex comes in. RMC is professionally mixed offsite per the client’s needs and is then delivered to the place where it is needed. We invite you to keep reading to find out about all the advantages of using ready mix concrete.

Top Perks of Ready-Mix Concrete

High quality and consistency product

The entire construction industry relies on robust and high-quality materials. One of the RMC perks is its ability to speed up the construction process while water-cement ratio, proportioning of ingredients, and so on can be precisely controlled and molded per client requirements.


Unlike before when mixing concrete demanded working onsite spending hours to make it, nowadays, when the industry is adapting to the technology, you can get the most out of your resources, energy and speed up the entire process thanks to the RMC.

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Environmentally Friendly

Statistics regarding our climate are gloomy. Conserving our lovely planet has become the highest priority in the whole world. Cement preparation on a construction site carries several risks due to dust emission and strong sun rays, whereas ready mix concrete in Essex reduces all these problems and is environmentally friendly.

Convenient Delivery

One of the biggest benefits of ready-mix concrete is on-time delivery that fits within your tight schedule. Delivery time is essential, no matter the quantity is big or small. On top of that, there is no need for additional storage space for raw materials.

For the vast majority of those who are employed in the construction industry, the significance of having the concrete at any time without having to find the materials and buy them/preparing the mix, or even transporting it after all of that to the worksite is of the utmost value.


Ready-mix concrete, compared with other types, is the most versatile construction material – like no other. From its use over characteristics to the way of placing it – it can be used in a variety of ways and purposes.

Lowers Costs

The aim of most, if not all, projects is to save as many pennies as possible. This is the place where ready mix concrete can help. Instead of buying each and every material one by one separately, the concerns about concrete are left in professional hands that can make a desirable balance and will reduce the initial costs of your project.

Reduced Wastage

A proper mixing technique reduces the amount of cement consumption by %10-%15. Besides that, when prepared in exact quantities, it reduces the faltering risk at some measurements.

All in all, quality control is very important because RMC has to be the right dose of admixt transported on time to different locations. All the ingredients used for concrete mixtures need to be tested for physical properties and quality.