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The 5 Apartment Design Trends that We’re Excited for in 2021

There are thousands of reasons we’re ready to put 2020 behind us. Bringing in 2021 with the newest trends in apartment design is just one of them!

One thing 2020 was able to do for many of us was to give us time in our homes. Figuring out what works and what doesn’t was easier to do while working from home or stuck inside!

image - The 5 Apartment Design Trends that We're Excited for in 2021
The 5 Apartment Design Trends that We’re Excited for in 2021

This idea has spread into the apartment designs of 2021. Designers combine the newest preference of stylish, functional, and sustainable. It’s easy to see that these five trends are worth getting excited for!

1. The Natural Look

We learned in 2020 that the simpler your home interior was, the easier it is to keep clean. Going with a natural look takes this idea and adds style to it.

With the explosive trend of focusing on eco-friendly products, the natural look was already on the rise. But using raw materials has become a regular part of the newest collections of many manufacturers.

Marketing a company’s products as organic or economically friendly is a surefire way to make a line successful.

The organic market has skyrocketed as major businesses use these raw materials in everything from packaging to clothing. But many of these manufacturers went outside of the United States for their ingredients.

2020 showed the general public how dependent major companies are on overseas trade. Yet, by switching to natural products, they minimized this dependence.

Out of this necessary change came an exciting new design trend of naturalistic decor!

Using natural materials like teak, bamboo, and hemp brightens an area and opens up your style to a more layered look.

Bring in some houseplants and a few throw rugs (made of organic cotton or hemp), and you have an eco-friendly, gorgeous room!

2. Keeping it Cozy

Whether it’s because we’re working from home or because we just want to be there, most of us stay around the apartment more.

If you’re going to be there, making your home cozy is how to be happy and relaxed.

The texture is the number one feature to think about when you’re trying to get comfy. Look for furniture that’s soft and plush but durable.

Cotton, velvet, and microfiber are popular materials that meet these characteristics.

Your accent touches should also be the same or a similar material. Throw pillows, blankets, and area rugs make space extra cozy.

The other important factor that makes an area snug and pleasant is the color scheme. The newest designs use warm colors, like reds, oranges, yellows, or neutrals, to decorate the room.

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3. Shopping Small Businesses

2020 taught us that the small guys need our business. But it also showed us that these solo or family-owned shops have some impressive talent!

As the economy gets somewhat back to its new normal, interior design trends keep leaning toward the stylish decor of small shops like Etsy.

Because of the need to turn to artisans to get their products out, many major companies see the difference in quality, too. We’re excited to see more brands developing from individual craftspeople’s work.

Simultaneously, apartment renters and homeowners got used to turning to small businesses for their design needs. These SMB shops’ products are now the preferred styles!

4. Yellows and Grays

Since most of the world was on lockdown throughout 2020, it’s no wonder the Pantone Color of the Year was sunshine yellow.

Called “Illuminating,” this shade, paired with a gray named “Ultimate Gray,” fills 2021’s interior design palette. The adjectives that describe these colors are hopeful, uplifting, and enduring.

Now that the year’s colors have been released, you can expect to see them in stores everywhere. A room filled with yellows and grays is warm and welcoming.

Since 2021 brings most of us to hope for a brighter future, “hopeful” is the perfect way to fill our homes!

5. Nostalgic and Homey

Before the pandemic, it was a common theme to joke about people who styled their homes with rustic throwbacks.

Now, people who haven’t seen their families in months (or longer) understand the yearning for the “good old days.” Styling your home with decor that satisfies your nostalgic craving is the newest trend in 2021.

Some of the most popular designs take the previous decades and modernize them for today’s creature comforts. You’ll find nostalgic decor that brings back the best pieces of styles.

For instance, Art Deco themes are taking over many manufacturer’s lines. Popularized in the Roaring ‘20s, this style boasts geometric shapes and clean lines.

The new decor styles use these features by combining them with technology and modern designs.

These companies know that we want nostalgic styles, but we don’t want to give up our conveniences.

Right now, so many of us long for the good old days and the memories of the pre-pandemic world. Mixing these reminiscent designs with the things that make our daily lives easier is the winning combination.


2020 is in the rearview mirror, and 2021 is the year of hope and a brighter new-normal future. In interior design, this reflects the newest upcoming trends.

Now, most of us want creature comforts that help us enjoy being at home more. We’re looking for things that make us feel safe and comfortable. At the same time, we also want sustainable and functional things instead of opulent and over-the-top.

These five apartment design trends give us all these features. We were already excited for 2021, but now we have even more reason to be!

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