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Stylish and Easy Rental Apartment Decor Ideas

Are you struggling to give your apartment a homely vibe? If so, you’re definitely not alone.

After all, the process of decorating your living space requires a ton of decision-making and expenses that can cause you to question every choice you’re faced with.

image - Stylish and Easy Rental Apartment Decor Ideas
Stylish and Easy Rental Apartment Decor Ideas

This article takes a look at a few apartment decor ideas that can help take the stress out of making your space look great.

Keep reading to discover insight into how to make the right choices so that you’ll be as happy as possible with the final results of your decorating efforts.

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Upgrade Lighting Wherever Possible

Every rental apartment agreement is different. While some offer a bit of flexibility as to what is allowed. The key is to focus on making temporary changes that can be put into place once you’ve decided to move out.

Thus one of the best temporary changes to make is to upgrade the lighting.

It’s no mystery that the right lighting can enhance a living space in a big way. After all, there’s nothing worse than rooms that are either dark and dreary or filled with bright, harsh light.

The quality of your lighting upgrades will obviously be dependent on your budget, but a few choice lighting changes in the right places can make all the difference in the world.

Make the Most of Hardware

Hardware is another great temporary upgrade that you can make at minimal expense. In addition to being a relatively cheap upgrade, you can choose hardware that won’t require any alterations such as drilling holes.

Remember, little touches go a long way. Hardware accents such as drawer pull for the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms can significantly enhance your home without having to worry about investing a fortune.

An additional benefit of this decorating tip is the fact that you can take these pieces of hardware to your next home when it’s time to move.

Don’t Be Afraid to Paint

Painting walls is a cool way to transform your apartment and even create the illusion of more space or personalize individual rooms with a minimal investment of cash.

Consider painting a small accent wall. Using a bold color will make a splash, and yet it will be easy to change back to the previous color once you’ve decided to move out.

Again, be sure to wait for your landlord to give the thumbs-up before making these types of physical changes. But as long as you stick to painting small areas only, many landlords are flexible when it comes to temporarily customizing your rental space.

Area Rugs are Your Friends

No matter what your current flooring situation might be, using area rugs is a good way to break up spaces into individual areas. This is especially helpful with open floor plans.

Rugs are also ideal for apartments with wood or tile floors that can get cold. They provide warmth for your feet while also providing an overall cozy atmosphere.

Plus they can easily be moved around or removed as your tastes change.

Have Fun with Wall Art

Big empty walls are boring. It’s really just that simple. If you’re having trouble deciding how to fill all that blank space, perhaps consider selecting big pieces of art.

Big wall art is another decorating technique used for making a bold statement. You could try hanging a rug, large paintings, or even just a gorgeous patterned fabric.

The key is to choose pieces that will provide an eye-catching focal point, thus transforming boring white walls into an area of your home that will really pop.

Hang Curtains Over Window Blinds

Don’t forget about your windows. Many apartment renters tend to fall into the trap of simply using basic blinds as their window treatments. Sadly, this is a missed opportunity to up your decorating game.

Placing curtains of blinds is the ideal way to add a splash of style and color to any room, while also creating an added dimension to an otherwise boring wall.

The trick is to mount your curtain rod over the window as close to the ceiling as possible. Then simply let the curtain fabric hang down and brush the floor.

This is a technique used by professional interior decorators all the time to maximize the appearance of tall ceilings and to bring out the colors of the rest of the decor in the room.

Be Creative with Your Front Door

Your front door provides another chance to express your personality. This is especially true if you live in a large apartment building where every front door looks the same.

While you probably won’t have the freedom to change the door, you could personalize it in other ways such as hanging a wreath and buying a cool doormat for welcoming guests.

Here is a resource that will help you locate the room rental you’ve been looking for.

Upgrade Bath Fixtures

Now let’s take a look at the bathrooms. Upgrading the light fixture, showerhead, and shower curtain will dramatically enhance the overall experience of bathing and getting ready for the day.

This is another relatively inexpensive way to make the most of a room that often gets overlooked by many renters.

Learn to Hide Things That Bother You

Most apartments start showing a bit of wear and tear over the years. That means there are likely a few spots that are embarrassing to see.

Rather than live with the embarrassment or worry about nagging the landlord to make expensive repairs, you can look for creative ways to hide the trouble spots by strategically placing furniture or other decorative items.

A Guide to Great Apartment Decor Ideas

Living in an apartment doesn’t have to be boring. The key to beautifying your space is to explore your personal tastes and maximize the details that bring you the greatest joy.

Fortunately, this guide to apartment decor ideas will help you start the process of transforming it into your own personal oasis.

Keep scrolling to discover more great decorating tips and advice.