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Reasons You Should Go for Garage Conversion

A garage is least likely to be the traffic area of a house. In fact, it is no longer considered a go-to place even for car parking.

According to a BBC report, 53 percent of the United Kingdom’s population is facilitated with a garage, but only 24 percent of them utilize it for parking. So if someone has garage space, the odds are it would be non-functional for the most part.

It is precisely why the trend of a garage conversion is on a constant rise. It refers to the process where homeowners capitalize on the garage area by turning it into a more useful portion.

image - Reasons You Should Go for Garage Conversion
Reasons You Should Go for Garage Conversion

Regardless of whether the garage is attached or detached from your property, a garage conversion is possible either way.

There are varied persuasive reasons that trigger people to opt for a garage conversion. Some of them are mentioned below:

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  1. Additional Living Space

An overwhelming majority of people buy property without keeping their future needs in mind. Because they lack resources and foresight to do so.

However, a few years down the road, homeowners realize this blunder and crave for extra living space. That is where garage conversion can make a huge difference.

Depending on the household motives, you have all the flexibility to convert the garage into almost anything.

Unlike ADU blueprints, mapping out a garage conversion project on paper is an easy task. Art studio, home office, bedroom, kitchen, guest room, and playroom are some of the popular options at your disposal.

In all likelihood, the layout of your house could ideally meet your current needs. But additional space is going to be inevitable for the future.

Unless you possess hefty bank balance to invest in the ever-rising real estate market, you will have to make peace with the available space, which can best be maximized by the garage conversion.

  1. Boosts the Value of the Property

As mentioned earlier, nowadays, garages barely serve the purpose of parking. Resultantly, they have become one of the biggest turn-offs for a potential buyer.

On the other hand, a garage conversion will make your house a hot prospect in the selling market, and your property value might be enhanced by 20 percent.

Nevertheless, make sure the garage is renovated in a tasteful way, or else it can be counterproductive.

  1. Budget-friendly

There are multiple ways to expand the property. Single or two-story extensions, orangeries, conservatories, and loft conversions, to name a few of them.

Yet, a garage conversion is hands down the most inexpensive alternative. The reason behind this that a garage does not typically have to go through major structural overhauls.

Precisely put, garage conversion costs $14000 on average while a common extension and loft conversion could account for a whopping budget of 40k and 20k, respectively.

What is more, you could cut down expenses even further by indulging in DIY tasks. At the same time, it is recommended to rely on experts if your DIY skills are not up to the mark.

Because the officials will visit the project after its completion and if it does not align with the regulatory body’s standards, you might have to undo everything.

It is quite probable that your financial standing may not catch up with the lowest conversion expenses due to the larger space of the garage. In that case, you could go for partial conversion.

  1. Does Not Require Planning Permission

Planning permission is also known as developmental approval.

Anyone who has undertaken developmental work would know that getting planning permission is a tough nut to crack because it involves a complicated and time-consuming procedure.

Mostly, homeowners have to get hooked up with a professional to avail of the developmental approval, which also charges them a reasonable fee.

Guess what; a garage conversion is largely exempted from this requirement because a garage is usually part of the internal property. And this is no small relief.

Of course, you could be entitled to planning permission if your garage is detached from the house or the property is situated in a conservation area. Connect with the local officials to evade any confusion.

  1. Garage Conversion Saves Time

The homeowner must be present during any type of home renovation. His availability will ensure that the project is meeting all the terms and conditions discussed upfront.

Although a sizeable proportion of people can’t spare an ample amount of time due to their personal and professional commitments.

Therefore, more often than not, the project either gets delayed or does not live up to your expectations.

Luckily, a garage conversion is quite unlikely to invite such problems. Because you can convert the garage into a living space in one week.

Considering the scale of your development plan, the duration might be prolonged, but it will still take far less time compared to toa conventional structure.

  1. You Can Rent it Out

Financial hiccups are pretty much part and parcel of life. Losing a job, unanticipated expenses, medical bills, and many other things can lead people to the verge of bankruptcy.

Every penny counts when you don’t know where your next paycheck is going to come from. If you convert your garage into a decent bedroom, you may put it on rent and generate a source of income during a financial crisis.

People like small business owners and struggling artists are constantly on the hunt for a living space. So you will not have a hard time finding a candidate who is willing to pay a respectable amount as rent.

  1. Will Not Cut Off Sunlight

We can on and on mention the psychological and physical benefits of sunlight.

There are numerous ways in which sunlight positively influences our mind and body, and erecting a tall structure on your garden area can deprive you and your family of the all-important sunlight once and forever.

In contrast, a garage conversion will not cause this issue because the garage is an already existing component of the property.

The Final Verdict

All said and done; a garage conversion gives access to nearly every benefit a homeowner can venture to imagine.

If your garage is a home to clutter, it is about the time to turn it into something more functional. A garage conversion is also a great opportunity to make your home a visual treat.

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