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Small but Stylish: 5 Interior Design Ideas for Studio Apartments

Want to create an incredible design for your small space?

Many Americans are making the choice to downsize their living space and reside in a smaller home or apartment.

But just because your space is small doesn’t mean you can’t make it look stunning.

Here are a few interior design ideas for studio apartments to get you started.

image - Small but Stylish - 5 Interior Design Ideas for Studio Apartments
Small but Stylish – 5 Interior Design Ideas for Studio Apartments

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Make It Functional

The key to getting what you need into a small space is to make sure everything serves a purpose and that most large pieces in the space are multi-functional.

A kitchen bar or counter can double as a table by putting stacking stools around it. Or a guest room can double as an office if you choose a pull-out sofa instead of a full-size bed.

Easily movable dining room chairs can be transferred into a living space to make for more seating if you have guests over.

When buying furniture, ask yourself if you can use the piece for more than one thing.

Use Mirrors

If you have limited wall space, covering it with art may not be the best way to make it feel expansive.

Instead, try hanging a mirror instead of a painting. Mirrors give the room the illusion of being larger since they reflect other parts of the home as opposed to creating a dead end.

A full-length standing mirror can also make the ceilings look higher.

Play Around With the Walls

Just because your space is small, does not mean you can’t play around with color and paint.

A bright accent color or some strategically placed wallpaper can add a fun design element to your small space without introducing any bulky items.

If going this route, be sure to keep the space balanced. If you’re opting for a dark color or strongly patterned wallpaper, consider just doing it to one wall and keeping the rest neutral.

If you want to do multiple walls in this style, keep the artwork and frames on the walls simple and sleek.

Stay Clean & Organized

When your space is small, creating clean lines and using neutral colors is always a safe bet.

More importantly, keep your space organized. Take advantage of storage space in your home or consider getting a storage unit to keep items you don’t need to access regularly.

Use plastic bins to store things you don’t need every day. Opt for drawer and cabinet organizers to keep things in order. Read more here to learn about ways to keep your space organized.

Proportions Matter

A full-size sofa or a king-sized bed probably doesn’t make the most sense if you’re living a small space.

Opt for the smaller version of the central pieces of furniture in order to prevent it from overwhelming the space.

Go for a settee or loveseat instead of a large sofa and get a double or queen-sized bed. Opt for smaller chairs in the living space and a four-person dining room table instead of six or eight.

Smaller furniture will make your house look bigger and give you plenty of space to enjoy your home and entertain.

Interior Design Ideas for Studio Apartments; Try These Tips Today!

With these interior design ideas for studio apartments, you’re on your way to creating the perfect setup for your small space.

Remember to keep items functional and stay organized along the way. Keep furniture small enough for space and take advantage of empty walls to create dimension and texture with wallpaper or mirrors.

Be sure to check out the rest of our site for more design tips!

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