You watch HGTV, consume all the latest home magazines, and wait patiently for your IKEA catalog to arrive in the mail. You daydream of having a stunning home like the ones you see.

The only problem?

You don’t have a decorating bone in your body. Anytime you go to the furniture store, you’re indecisive. You bring home pieces that don’t match your current undefinable “theme.”

If only you could hire someone to decorate your home for you. Actually, you can!

Keep reading to learn about hiring an interior designer on a budget.

IMAGE - Hiring an Interior Designer on a Budget

How to Hiring an Interior Designer on a Budget

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Do Your Research

First things first, conduct a Google search for interior designers in your area. Simply typing a phrase like interior design Orlando will bring up good results.

You’ll get results for companies or individuals—even retail companies sometimes have interior design services. Spend some time exploring their website. Read their about page, what kind of clients they worked with before, and if they’re within your budget.

Come Prepared

Don’t show up to the meeting empty-handed! While they’re experts in what they do, they also want to know what you like.

Gather fabric swatches, measurements (if you want furniture reupholstered, for example), and pictures of the styles you like. If this sounds like a lot of work, use a site like Pinterest to make a virtual inspiration board.

Be Honest

During the meeting, clearly communicate your budget. Speak up when they show you pieces you honestly can’t afford.

For bigger renovations like kitchens and bathrooms, be realistic about cost. There are possibilities of unforeseen issues, so add at least 10% extra as a precaution. Give them direction whether you’ll accept cheaper materials without seeing them first.

Be Decisive

Along with being honest, being decisive is important too. Decision fatigue will hold up production, increasing the cost and prolonging the deadline.

Make sure you’re certain about what you’re wanting. Any design changes will be pricey to fix, even when it comes to furniture. That sofa you no longer want may not be returnable or expensive to ship back.

Decide What You Can Do Yourself

While it’s easier to have someone take care of everything for you, it doesn’t come cheap. If you’re worried about price, consider what you can do yourself.

Painting walls or cabinets by yourself saves hundreds instead of hiring painters. It requires hard work but it’ll be well worth it in the end.

Ask for a Plan

Worried about having the funds to cover everything? Ask your interior designer to draw up a plan.

You’ll use this as a guide for when you’re ready to move forward on your own. You’ll know the exact layout of the room along with the color scheme.

This option saves hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, you’ll lose out on having an interior designer take care of everything, but at least you have direction on how your home will look.

Think of it this way: half of the work is done for you. All you need to do is buy the pieces, arrange them, paint some walls, and you’re done!

Hiring an Interior Designer on a Budget Is Possible

Once upon a time, only the rich could afford interior designers. Those days are long gone.

Hiring an interior designer on a budget is possible if you stick to your guns and find someone who’ll work with you.

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