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6 Amazing Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Color Scheme

You probably know someone who’s decisive and makes good choices effortlessly. But if that’s not you, then even small decisions can be agony—like choosing a new paint color.

Rather than floundering through the internet seeking help, try a few tools to help you decide.

If you’re repainting your bathroom and you need some help to choose a new bathroom color, use these techniques to help you decide.

Image -  Amazing Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Color Scheme
6 Amazing Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Color Scheme

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  1. Think about How You Feel

There’s a reason matadors wave a red flag at a bull during a bullfight. While bulls are actually color blind, humans choose the color because they feel more energized and even angry around the color red. It makes sense you would associate that color with an event like bullfighting.

Yet that’s probably not the feeling you want someone to have in your bathroom. Most people go for a more spa-like, relaxed feeling. Choose colors that soothe, like blue and green, to help your guests feel calm and refreshed.

  1. Decide If You Will Redecorate

If you’re only repainting, then your new color needs to match the same fixtures, linens, and furniture you already have in place. Performing a drastic change in paint color will negate the current coordinating decor in the bathroom.

However, if you want to completely change the room, then a more significant color change will work out well.

  1. Consider Your Whole Home

If most of your house is farmhouse chic or minimalist modern, you won’t want a bathroom that screams Bohemian.

Integrate your new bathroom’s style with the rest of the house for a more mellow transition between rooms. You’ll have a direction to go with paint colors when you look at the other colors in the house.

  1. Find Some Inspiration

How do you get creative ideas? Maybe you search through Pinterest boards or build a wealth of your ideas from a book you read or a movie you saw.

Wherever your seeds of style come from, a muse will give your new decor a focus, a jumping-off point for the rest of the room.

  1. Choose the Bathroom Color from a List

Sometimes it’s better to have someone narrow down the options for you. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the hundreds of paint chips available at your local home improvement store, try a different method.

Start with a list of bathroom paint options with just a few choices to help you make a decision faster.

  1. Use Pro and Con Lists

Even if you’re not normally uber-organized, a tool like a pro-con list can help you formulate a plan. Write down what you like about your current bathroom and what you wish was different. Then base your decor ideas on those points.

For example, if you like having plenty of space, don’t fill the room with bulky furniture when you re-do it. Or if you hate that it’s so dark, paint the room a lighter color. Then select brighter light fixtures and add an extra mirror to reflect the light.

Stylish and Relaxing

Your new bathroom color will wow your guests and help them feel comfortable in your home. Using tools like those above can help you make the new decor welcoming and relaxing without stressing about the change.

For more helpful tips on paint colors, check out the rest of our website.

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