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4 Solutions for Picking the Perfect Comforter: Warm the Night With Down!

Since the arrival of Winter, last week, the temperatures have all plummeted and we at Puredown can’t help but feel as if its Game of Thrones all over again: Winter is coming.

As the temperature gets lower and lower, we have to ask ourselves: What’s going to keep warmer at night? Were here to give you a few helpful tips and tricks to picking the perfect sleeping tools!

image - 4 Solutions for Picking the Perfect Comforter - Warm the Night With Down
4 Solutions for Picking the Perfect Comforter: Warm the Night With Down!

This fantastic goose down comforter is here to provide you with the ultimate warmth during your sleep. However, sometimes, an untrustworthy source of down might provide you with a less-than-reputable comforter of unknown quality.

When buying a comforter, keep these 4 factors in mind and you will have a much easier time deciding which is the right sleeping buddy for you.

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Is Quality Material Important to You?

The main drawback of buying a comforter made of a more luxury material is the increased price. It’s more expensive because the original farming and manufacturing are usually much more expensive.

For instance, a premium goose down comforter will usually have 75% goose down and goose feather for their base materials.

Due to the quality of these materials, the price for a quality comforter may be somewhat higher than the price for a synthetic comforter


If you have allergies to a particular material, this may present difficulties when looking for a comfortable sleeping experience. Make sure to carefully check the materials being used in your comforter before making a purchase.

Some people may sneeze often after using down comforters, for example. If you are allergic to certain materials, don’t forget to ask the vendor to alter the material if possible.

Sleeping Style

Do you prefer to sleep with a heavier or lighter comforter? Down and down alternative comforters seek to combine high warmth with a low weight.

This means there can be a lot of variation in how warm and how heavy they are. However, the difference between these two can hugely affect the quality of your sleep.

Its time to introduce the concept of the “hot” and “cold” sleeper. For example, if you are a “hot” sleeper, that means you tend to sleep better when the comforter is tightly wrapped around your body. In that case, a goose down comforter will be suitable.

However, cold sleepers refer to some people who may easily kick the comforter out of the bed during sleep for a sleeping environment that is more relaxed, so that a light blanket is better for them.


How much effort are you willing and able to put into caring for your down alternative comforter? All high-quality products should be taken good care of, but some require a lot more work than others.

If you travel often, work long hours, or have young children, you want to get a comforter that will hold up without much maintenance.

A handy tip to remember is: in order to sleep with a clean comforter, do not forget to set the heat of your dryer from high to low and check every 20 minutes or so to fluff it out so the filling settles evenly.

It is super important to make a good decision when choosing a comforter, especially a goose down comforter. After spending a long day working you need to get quality rest, and only a comfortable fluffy down comforter can help you sleep as soundly as you deserve.

We hope these 4 helpful tips can provide you with all the assistance you’ll need during the comforter choosing process and give you the soundest sleep of your life!

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