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Are Air Freight and Air Cargo the Same?

Many company operators adopt the terms air cargo and air freight interchangeably when referring to the transportation of products by air. Both of these long-distance delivery methods are comparable.

However, there are significant distinctions among them that may influence which mode of transportation is most suited to your needs.

image - Are Air Freight and Air Cargo the Same
Are Air Freight and Air Cargo the Same

Airfreight is a crucial part of foreign shipping since it acts as a vital connection in the chain with some types of freight service to transfer your products from one point to another.

Discover which option is appropriate for your company’s requirements so you can transmit and acquire items with assurance.

The Efficiency of Shipping Via Air

If urgency matters, plane travel is required. This form of transportation is time-sensitive so, you may ship products to practically any location on the planet with in-depth monitoring and increased protection.

If you ship by water utilizing sea transport, you will have to wait many weeks for the products to arrive at their destination. Ocean freight is the most popular mode of long-distance transportation for either exporters and importers. But it has some drawbacks that make it inappropriate in particular situations.

Exploring Basic Definitions

Look at the definitions of the phrases freight and cargo. It is simple to recognize the difference right away. The phrases freight and cargo relate to the movement of products from one location to another, although cargo is reserved for items delivered by planes or ships.

Freight has a considerably broader definition that can refer to the movement of commodities by land, sea, rail, and air.

In clarification, cargo refers to the items transported by third-party aircraft, whereas air freight refers to the firm that transports the cargo onto the planes. Though the terms cargo and freight are interchangeable, cargo refers to the contents of a plane rather than the mode of transport.

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Advantages of Selecting Air Freight Services

There are several benefits to using air freight services. Therefore, this mode of transportation is so popular. The main drawback of air freight shipping is the higher cost.

Nevertheless, the expense is easy to accept if you grasp the advantages and everything you receive with it.

These are several advantages of shipping products via air:

  • It is more efficient than some ways.
  • It has a global reach and offers a high quality of protection, reducing the danger of theft and damages.
  • Time-sensitive commodities, such as perishables, are well-suited.
  • It is simple to track.
  • It’s possible to utilize it using well-known courier services.
  • It does not need as much wrapping as sea freight, and it does not entail LCL shipments.
  • It has consistent arriving and departing schedules that are only impacted by inclement weather.

Aspects That Will Affect Your Shipping Decision

Weighing the benefits and drawbacks is an important element of any decision-making procedure that may assist you in making the best option. Below are key considerations to remember while shipping internationally.

Freight Rate

When products are delivered by air, charges are deliberated based on the amount and mass of the shipment. Other elements that influence the final cost include the distance from your location and target destinations, along with the urgency of the item.

Shipping products by air is quite costly than other modes of transport. So, if time is not the issue for you and you’re looking to reduce money, it might not be the best option.

Transit Time

If you don’t have a delivery deadline, another mode of shipping may be more suitable. When shipping products by water, it might take several weeks for them to arrive at their location, but air freight can transport the same things in days or hours.


Shipping cargo planes and some types of aircraft have finite capacity. They also have restrictions on the weight and size of the cargo they transport. It should not add up to a much-charged load if you’re delivering a small item. However, it can sabotage bigger shipments.

Type Package

Whatever you wish to convey will have an impact on how it is delivered. You cannot transport specific products, such as flammable objects, gasses, or biowastes, by air freight. Airports and airlines strictly follow the laws, so you must obey them as well.

In addition, whether transported by air or water, the products still have to go via a customs clearance process.

Final Verdict

Is there a distinction to be made between air freight and air cargo? There isn’t much dissimilarity between the two. These phrases are frequently interchangeable in the shipment business. But the only moment they are separated is when you employ another transportation firm.

Understanding the transportation industry may be difficult, and language adds to the confusion. Fortunately, the only distinction between freight and cargo is terminology, which has no bearing on the result.

It is accurate if you engage a business to handle these things for you and clarify several complicated aspects of freight transportation.

Airfreight operations are one of the most efficient methods to move products across large distances, but planning logistics and details may be difficult.